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During my regular trips to Soor Sarovar bird sanctuary in Agra, I also use to visit the Bear Rescue Centre, a program supported by the non-profit Wildlife S.O.S of India. The area was closed to visitors without a reservation; the rule follows strictly. The Bear rescue centre is a permanent home for these bears because they cannot be released into the wild.

Recently when I went there, just inside the park, a furry sloth bear lumbered up to the chain-link fence of the enclosure and sniffed. Its divine to see them playing independently. "They're each given new names when they arrive at the sanctuary," the biologist said. All of the bears in the park have been rescued from miserable lives as dancing bears.

I also visit the facility inside the rescue centre. I was thoroughly impressed to see an ultrasound, dental x-ray, and x-ray machine as well as a fully equipped dental unit, incubator for growing cultures and a well stocked lab!

If you are into bear medicine, this is definitely the place to be! The rescue centre is a wonderful place with the bears living in a natural enclosure with all sorts of enrichment that change regularly.

The Story of the Bears: For generations, Kalandar (gypsy tribes of India) have captured young bears soon after birth, often killing the mother in the process. The bears are then trained to "dance" for entertainment, tourists, and photo opportunities. The process to convert them to lives in captivity is brutal. Their teeth are pulled, claws chopped off and sensitive muzzles pierced for ropes just 4 feet in length. 

The good news is the efforts of this organization have resulted in more than 480 rescued and rehabilitated bears since 2002. If you ever see dancing bears, please do not fuel the industry by watching, let the community know there are other alternatives by contacting Wildlife S.O.S. They will seize the bear and through the program, "owners" are paid $1,000 to peacefully surrender the bear and are also given $1,000 worth of training and educational opportunities for themselves and their families.

Individuals are trained in areas such as driving, welding, tailoring, embroidery, and helping to set up shops and small businesses. Craft products and jewellery made by Kalandar women is sold at the centre. The group also provides accessible education for children and health care clinics.

Bear Rescue Centres has opened several sanctuaries in India and continues to conserve and protect the species by acquiring land, protecting habitat and curtailing poaching. For $45 a month, you can sponsor a bear where they are free to roam, play, interact with other bears and live life in a safe environment. 

Last but not the least

My best regards and well-pleased thanks goes to:

Geeta Seshamani
Kartick Satyanarayan
Brij Kishor Gupta
Baiju Raj
& every single team member of the Rescue Centre

Without the support of these wonderful people ( I Proudly call them my seniors and mentors), we can not able to be a part of this heaven.
Best wishes


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