Sunday, August 30, 2015

My Envy Box August - 2015 Unboxing!

I received 'My Envy Box' quite recently, and I know August month is gone by some of you read this review, but the post is not about unboxing a particular month's box, it is about, introducing 'My Envy Box' to my readers, also a bit about the products that I got in the box and most of all, whether  I am going to purchase it in future or not!

I am gonna reply all the questions in a backward direction,

Whether I will subscribe or it or not? So this is my first envy box, products are nice and have an aroma of India, the desipan :) And yes I'll purchase more (and more and more...  :))

Now the products I got... they are four in numbers, ranging from makeup, skincare and perfume. The box has 3 full sized products and one deluxe sized sample, which impressed me a lot! Read on to know what all I received in My Envy Box.

First one is Hedonista – Oudh Frozen Itar: Rs 1045 for 20gms (click on the link)

It is my first experience with this brand. The frozen itar (perfume) is came in a balm texture, in the pocket size case which is easy to carry. Its not completely solid but very creamy and easier to apply. Fragrance is a combo of vetiver grass and white rose, which is a beautiful combination for me.

Next item is Suganda Neem Green Tea Mask: Rs 900 for 60gms

This mask is actually very good for acne prone skin and comes in powder form. One need to mix it with warm water, let it cool down and then apply. It claims to be rich in anti oxidants and helps with sun damage as well. Yet to use it, so if any one of you wanted to have a specific review, please let me know in the comment section.

Third item is Soultree Ayurvedic Kajal: Rs 350 for 3gms

I am actually happy that it came in the color black. I have one in blue, which I bought from Coimbatore, about an year ago. For some people it may not fall under luxury tag category, so is for me. BUT, it is organic Kajal, far good from the plastic scanted kajals and it pigments just fine.

Last but not the least, Forest Essentials Iced Pomegranate and Kerala Lime Body Mist (I received the deluxe sample, 50 ml), Rs 1475 for 100ml (full size)

I love the exotic scents of Pomegranate and Kerala Lime. To make it rather simple, the Body Mist have the mixture of the fragrance. Pomegranate would give you delicious fruity smell, while Kerala Lime will take you to the citrus world. Love the product so much.. :)

The box seems so have a theme of natural products which is named as Mon Amour, French for My Love.. it comes with the description cards, which have the details about the product and how it will work on our skin... isn't it lovely to have this box...

Now about box, this is a beauty subscription box, which can be subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 month or you can just order for a single time and check out the products by your own. Use these coupons for the monthly subscriptions

250 INR off on 3 months : ENVYLOVE3
400 INR off on 6 months : ENVYLOVE6
1000 INR off on 12 months: NV1YR

I ordered my box on cash on delivery and it came with a tag - (for) 'Gorgeous' Mugdha Singh, which I think is so sweet :) The box is really very good... Love you Envy Team, you guys really cherished my August!!

Thank you for reading,


Friday, August 28, 2015

Khadi - Indian Cotton in Fashion

Khadi - Indian cotton cloth is ready to woo the youth with new designs and patterns. The craze for wearing Khadi is back in market because of alluring designs and as the clothe signifies, patriotism and deep bond with the nation.

Cottons dresses, bags and other accessories are always a hit in Indian market, mainly because of the climate. Cotton suits Indian skin but also because we produce Cotton in many states and it is cheaper than most of the fabrics.

But it is rare thing for youth to incline towards not only cotton, which is a pretty simple clothe but also towards the Khadi, which consider as rough fabric and mostly people avoid it because of monotonous feel it gives.

But as per the new trend, ‘Khadi’ attracting the youth and a wide range of influential crowd. Showrooms are offering rather simpler yet elegant styles in Khadi, mixed with color and textures. Many students think that ‘Khadi’ is cool with the newly discovered prints and mosaic patches.

Khadi is proven as a woven marvel in many upbeat fashion shows. The Indian dresses in the shows not only reflect, traditional Indian outfits but also provide a gap for Indian designers, to create something unique. As a designer they have to put their hands on different styles and with little efforts, people can actually witness the magic of modern hand-looms.

Not only Kurtas but a wide range of Saaris, Bags, Shoes, Belts, Scarves, made of Khadi are attracting the mass. The ‘Colours of Khadi’ range was initiated by many designers includes the colorful side of Khadi. Handmade jewelry with have the composition of half Khadi thread and half beads or sequence would defiantly attract many.

Beautifully brightly painted colorful dresses, classic embroideries, handcrafted pieces of Khadi mixed with silk or chiffon accentuates the taste of Khadi and allure people to buy more and more.

Thank you for reading guys... do buy some good stuff made of Khadi and share the pictures..


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Restarted fitness program

Lose 10, gain 10, lose 10, gain 10... I know how to lose the weight. I know  what works the best for me. But whenever I lose the 10 kg, I go nuts eating the stuff that I know I should not. So... here I am again. Well  NOW is NOW. Looking Forward to be LEAN!!

It's been a week since I am indulged (again) in the fitness spree... Currently I am dealing with mood swings, cravings and mild headaches... I wish I could be one of those people who run to deal with feelings, or hit a punching bag, or do yoga to feel better... I need to find my 'way' to deal. Until then... I'm stuck on this weight loss roller-coaster...

My goals for the week are to 1) not weigh myself  2) no fast food 3) log everything I eat... Now I am entering in my second week of fitness and I will try something new... Whenever I'll answer my phone at work, I stand up to talk.

I read an article about how standing and walking in between working hours helps to improve your overall health, especially when you have a job that requires a lot of sitting. (I will keep you posted, that how's it turned out) But in my opinion also, it is fun and healthy to stand and talk on the phone!  

I finally took my weight today and yayyyyy, I dropped two kgs in one week, looking forward to drop more. Honestly I am starting to feel better. Amazing when your body is filled with good foods how light you feel.

If you asked me what I did in past one week: -

1) I have been sleeping great but don't know it is because of the cooler weather or because of the diet.

2) I am starting to feel that my clothes getting a little more comfortable may be because I eat well and on time. I am taking 1200 calories everyday and it seems sufficient for me :)

3) Writing an online record and making a diet dairy, which is amazingly easy. I count my calories and try to be in the limits of carbs, sugar, sodium, fat etc.

Uh yes another thing, yesterday I cheated... I passed my calorie intake and didn't exercise too much.   I had such low energy yesterday.  Anyway, today is a new day, I did well!  Having my cup of green tea and closing today's food intake.

Just keep up the good work everyone!  Don't loose faith, I know we can do it. If anyone of you are on the same track, leave your idea of fitness in the comment section... Stay Healthy :)


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Multani Mitti For Flawless Skin

Multani mitti, aka 'Fuller’s earth' is quite popular in India for its healing character against acne and blemishes. Very rich in magnesium chloride, the earthen therapy reduce acne up to 90% in a certain time. This is a prime ingredient for many organic skin care products and can use it as a natural cleanser, toner and facial pack. The cost friendly natural cosmetic has no recorded side effects.

It is fine product for most of the skin types, including oily, normal, normal to dry, sensitive etc. But before using it all over the face, I advice you to use it on hand and behind the ear lobes, just to make sure if it is doing fine for your skin type. I m suggesting it also because many people claimed that they are selling Multani Mitti, but they sell, a chemical mixed powder, which can cause itching or rashes.

Now lets talk, how it works... 

1. It removes the dead cells and impurities  from the skin and make space for skin to breathe.
2. The masks of the fuller's earth are very effective in making skin glow as well as improving the texture of the skin. The masks also makes skin radiant.
3. Most users of Multani Mitti have oily skin. The oil absorbing property of the earth is too good and it leaves the skin clean, which lasted for very long time.
4. The massage of the earth also improves blood circulation, as one have to gently massage, their face and nearby area while applying it.
5. Multani Mitti soothes acne, reduces the redness & flaming irritation and also reduces the marks on the skin.
6. It also acts as a wonderful sun screen, reduces sun tan and pigmentation.
7. As a scrub, Multani Mitti removes blackheads and whiteheads completely.

The best known use for Multani Mitti for me are, 

1. Add Multani mitti with ground almonds and glycerin soap and use this mixture to scrub your face.

2. Add one spoon of curd and equal amount of Multani mitti. Mix it well and apply it on the face for 20 minutes to achieve a toned skin.

3. You can reduce scar marks by applying the paste of one spoon of carrot pulp mixed with some Multani mitti and 2 spoons of olive oil.

4. Multani mitti with rose water makes an excellent face masks for oily skin. For dry skin, add milk and almond paste with it.

5. To reduce blemishes use a pack of multani mitti with tomato juice and turmeric and sandalwood powder. Apply and leave for ten minutes and then rinse it off.

6. Add neem paste, ground clove powder and camphor with multani mitti. Add rose water to make a smooth paste and use it weekly to reduce pimple marks off your skin.

Go natural to have a glowing skin. This therapy would benefit each and everyone for sure! Apply mask ones in a week and be patient to have the glowing and blemish free skin. 

Thank you for reading 


Friday, August 21, 2015

Gulab Jamun Recipe

Who wouldn't love to have a super treat to satisfied their sweet tooth. Gulab Jamun is so popular in India from north to south that now it is being made in many different colors, flavors and shapes by the mithaiwalas, to even more popularized the dessert dish.

The milk-solids-based dessert is similar to a dumpling, popular in countries of the Indian Subcontinent. The name itself tempts very much.  In Nepal it is widely known as Lalmohan. This Rakshabandhan, impress your brother by gifting him Gulab Jamun. It will strengthen the brother-sister bond, like a magic.

Wondering how to make gulab jamun? You've come to the right place. Yes, you can now make India's favorite sweet easily.. at home!!


For The Sugar Syrup: 

1 and 1/2 cup water
2 cups sugar
1/2 tsp green cardamom powder (or just 2 green cardamom's)
1 roses' petals
1/4 lemon juice

For The Gulab Jamun Dough:

1 cup khoya / mava
1/2 cup all purpose flour / maida
1/2 tsp green cardamom powder
1/2 tsp baking powder
handful fresh water to knead dough

For The Sugar Syrup:

1) to a pan, add water, sugar, green cardamom and let it boil over a low-medium flame while continuously stirring it with a spatula/laddle, this would take around 10-15 minutes depending on the flame to get the consistency you desire.

2) once you complete around 5 minutes add the rose petals, and continue for another 10 minutes, until you receive the desired consistency which is (ek taar) = (one wire), the consistency of sugar syrup is measured by taking a part of the sugar syrup and dropping it using a spatula from a decent height and when it drops it forms a long continuous string like a wire, if it's too thick it drops as two wires, if even thicker then 3 wires and so on, for gulab jamun's we required 1 wire (ek taar) consistency which isn't very condensed or very diluted.

3) once you reach that amount of consistency, this temperature which is hot right now will not remain forever, and once your sugar syrup starts cooling or when you even refrigerate this later on, the sugar syrup will form crystals, what i mean is your sugar syrup will condense, if you want to maintain the same consistency no matter at what temperature, squeeze in 1/4 lemon juice to your sugar syrup, that's what we do at this step.

4) once your sugar syrup is prepared you can keep it aside, we would add the gulab jamuns to this sugar syrup later on.

For The Gulab Jamuns:

1) to a bowl add the khoya, maida, green cardamom powder, baking powder and a very little water you sprinkle and using your hands knead it for enough time so that you acquire a dough which is very soft and firm at the same time.

2) make round balls off this dough and don't make very large balls coz, the gulab jamuns would bloat and increase in size when you deep fry them, we get around 15 balls from this amount of dough.

3) to a kadai / pan add 6-7 laddle's of pure desi ghee/clarified butter, cooking at a very low flame, when the oil melts, add the gulab jamuns and they would settle down to the base of the pan, at this time they may get brown at bottom and not at top coz, they are in direct contact with the base, so make sure you stir a laddle in the oil so that the gulab jamun's never stay in direct contact with the base of the pan, make sure you don't touch the gulab jamun's with a sharp object they can break apart very easily.

4) in a short while after around 2 mins, the gulab jamuns bloat and increase in size and reach the surface of the oil and start floating, now they have also acquired a golden color, now you may keep stirring the melted ghee in the kadai using a laddle and after around total of 5 minutes, they would have now cooked, you can retain them, and the moment you retain them add them to the sugar syrup you prepared earlier, at this time your sugar syrup should not be very hot or very cold, it should be just luke warm.

5) serve hot and enjoy the sweetness. 

Note: If you want, you can decorate the dish with rose petals or saffron threads or silver work! Some other serving suggestions are, serve the warm Gulab Jamuns with ice cream; Gulab Jamun with thick cream; Gulab Jamun garnished with shavings of dried fruit like pistachio and almond.Though, I like it as plain as possible :)

Thank you for reading. Tell me your favorite sweet and share the recipe in the comment section! 


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Online Shopping Haul

Its all started after seeing WHAT TO EXPECT ON LOOKGOOD - Tag line by Myntra and it inspire me to write my first online shopping haul! I stopped doing shopping haul or what's my favorite posts here due to multiple reasons!

One of the reasons is, lack of interest in shopping due to work and studies. Another reason is, it is hard to buy plus size clothing, so I end up buying anything or everything that fits. About 2 weeks ago I got the inspiration of online shopping from my brother, he told me how simple it is to tick on your size, filter the dress type and there you go... shop while you working, traveling or while sitting idle. 

Being a virgin in case of online shopping, it was hard for me to understand how this thing works but thanks to Myntra APP it was quite easy to find what I really want. So here I am going to share my purchases from Myntra and you can also check their other collections on their app.

First thing first, lets talk about how I never able to find bottom halves that fits perfectly. The Jeggings or Jeans cum Leggings, which I purchased from Myntra is just adorable. It fits well, color is nude so I can pair it with so many things and its perfect for the monsoon. For me its a must have for those who wanted to wear western but not able to find something in regular showrooms.

Next thing are the two tops, plus size of course. Both of them are made of nice soft fabric, love the colors and need not to say that I don't feel squeeze tight in these clothes. They define me pretty well.

Next in the row is ethnic look. I love Indian wears more than western clothings. May be because we live in such social a settings where our daily wears must include Kurtas/Kurtis or Duppatas. Well so far I bought four Kurtas (two of them are opened, two yet to check) and already placed orders for four (yet to arrive) more.  

About Kurtas I can say that opts colors that suits your body size and complexion. There are a whole range of beautiful pieces available in different size and I love the fact that Myntra guys send your the same piece as you selected in the photos. The colors are the same, design and everything is just perfect. 

Now in the end lets discuss bags :) I got two of them, one is a multi-color clutch which have this cute silver chain attached with it.

Other is blue faux Leather material, shoulder bag with zipper closures with double handle. Two compartments with one currency pocket, 1 outside pocket. The bag is super stylish and ideal for office.

I am happy that I started online shopping, the experience was great, so as the clothes and everything. Will do it again and I'll make sure to do more haul posts. Let me know if you want to read any specific posts. Thanks for reading guys :) Happy reading!!


Monday, August 17, 2015

Clothing tips during Monsoon

Wearing right kinds of clothes during monsoon is a big task in itself. As rain drench the city in delight and fervor, it also bring wet and dirty feet, humidity, soaks clothes, roads running like rivers, monsoon drains and what not.. It is this necessity that has caused the advent of monsoon fashion in India. 

Read ahead the tips to dress during monsoon!!

- Bold colors are in and pastels are out simply because the sun is not shining as bright as it was in summer. Fabrics like blended cotton and poly-nylon are ideal for this season

- Choose thick greenery and wild dense colors for the monsoon like deep beige, olive green, bottle green etc or blend in the colors of monsoon, including blue, aqua, indigo and grey

- Women generally do not buy anything major during this season. However, if they need to then accent should be synthetic fabrics, which are easy to wash and ready to use 

- Chiffon and crepe are out as they lose their sheen once they are wet. Silk is best suited for the monsoon. It also gives scope for variation in the hues. People often prefer thicker fabric material as it will keep them warm

- Most women prefer wearing salwar-kameez or leggings or capris' in this season. My personal favorites for monsoon are kurta with legging or capri pants teamed with cotton tops, I think it is the best for the season.

- If you prefer Indian formals, keep away from salwars and patialas; instead pair short kurtis with dark leggings or churidars. Substitute dupattas with soft cotton scarves as they are easy to manage and more likely to keep you warm.

With so much to choose, monsoon will never be looked down upon as a dull and dreary season anymore. With the right clothes, be ready to welcome showers.. :)

Thank you for reading the post :)