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'Building A Robust AI Policy - Top Recommendations'

The last few years have seen incredible growth in the number of people and businesses that are willing to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) for general and special services. The AI systems can help people acquire a new level of knowledge that can be utilized for designing and development of domestic services, real-time traffic monitoring, enhancing cyber-security, reducing labor, effective healthcare facilities, and other such issues. The definitive future of AI seems not only promising but enormously significant. Henceforth certain recommendations are necessary to endorse the fair usage of AI. Recommendations • Upper Usage Caution: There should be no upper limits when it comes to the future of AI capabilities. • Importance: Advanced AI represents a bright future and should be managed with the utmost care and resources. • Consistent Improvement: AI systems allow consistent self-improvement that leads towards perpetual quality. But the feature is also subject

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