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A Successful Blogging Comeback

Many people start blogging with high hopes (like me) and quit it for various reasons, but only a few decide to make a genuine comeback.
Blogging after a lengthy absence is like starting a new task altogether. Your subscribers are long gone and those who still stick around simply don't response like they use to do. It is a record from the halfway point; most of the time don’t really know where it’s going to reach.

My last post was December 2017 and I always wanted to make a comeback in the vary beginning of this year but restarting a blog that has been in dormant for a length of time can leave you scratching your head wondering where should you make a start.

Well, I gathered the courage to wake my blog from it's long nap and if I can do it, so do you!!

Now no need to worry folks if you are out of topics... here are some suggestions to help you get your log back up and running on full power again. Happy Blogging!!

Ideas For A Successful Comeback

1. Update your blog... Absolutely neces…

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