Piece of Friendship :: The Last Broken Piece..

It was almost a year since Sally and John spoke to each other and today they accidentally ran into each other at a shopping mall. Wondering whether they should talk to each other, they cast awkward glance at each other as they browsed through the mall. It is funny how two friend who were once inseparable were complete strangers now... 

Friendship is perhaps one of the most beautiful relationships that two people can share. Friendship is about sharing each other's opinions, dreams, fears, aspirations and hopes. Friendship is about engaging conversations, which go on and on as friends lose track of time. Friendship is about cherishing old memories of togetherness and creating new ones everyday. Although when you watch friends hanging out and having a great time it seems as if these people just belong together, friendship does require a sound mutual understanding with lots and lots of love and care for each other.

Can a friendship that starts with 'no sorry no thank you' and reaches to the 'friends forever' or 'friends for life' stage end on a bitter note? The reason for a broken friendship might be many, but most often when people look back at their broken friendships, they regret it.

I'm watching you with very tired eyes,
as you sweep up the last broken piece.

The friendship broke between us.
You took the first piece of anger,
I took the last piece of sadness.

Staring at each other in an almost accusatory tone.
I didn't ask you to clean up the mess.

But there you are sweeping
and I can't be okay with this.
I'm watching you with very tired eyes,
as you sweep up the last broken piece...

So if you have a friend with whom you've fought for some reason or have simply lost touch due to your busy schedule, then its time to give them a call or meet up. Life is too short to hold grudges and harbor bitterness, cherish the people who have been with you and are always with you...


  1. I really liked your poem .. it has a very deeper meaning which is not easy to understand by non-lovers .. i really appreciate your work and your very first poem .. i expect you to write quite often as you have a flair for writing. love you loads ...


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