I'm Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Stressed about what to get your loved ones this Christmas? Don’t fret! Buy your friends and family eco-friendly gifts this year; they’re fun, practical, and good for the environment!

Gifts made of cotton, silk, hemp, or wood: all of these materials are natural and renewable, and your loved ones are sure to enjoy their durability!

Gifts bought from local vendors: when you buy from local vendors, you eliminate the carbon emissions that come from the transportation of far-away goods, not to mention you support your own community! Plus, a meaningful home town gift is always sure to warm your loved one’s heart.

Consider buying antiques and collectibles: Value and appeal doesn’t always mean “new and shiny.” Antiques and collectibles are affordable and can have the appeal of history and sentimental value.

Giving found objects and homemade items: Found objects such as seashells can be used to tell a story and can offer the gift of rediscovery to recipient. Homemade gifts can allow you to express your creativity and are a very heartfelt and thoughtful present. If the homemade gift is an edible item, than it will be personal, easy on the environment, and not likely to go to waste.

Nothing is more precious and heartfelt than a homemade gift. Your loved ones will feel special and so will the environment! By using the materials you already have at home; you will prevent unnecessary waste of un-renewable materials.

“Old jewellery and “used” gifts: Passing on “old” jewellery can allow you to give a timeless item without the cost to the environment. Previously used gold looks just as good as new gold, and jewellers can even redesign and resize certain pieces. Many used gifts can be appropriate and environmentally friendly. Consider items such as vintage clothing, CDs and books, toys, and electronics. If you are uneasy about giving a used gift you could write a note on the gift card that says “We know how much you love nature…this gift comes to you at no expense to the environment.”

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree:

Now I am definitely not saying to get rid of Christmas trees! I am one of the first people to say that nothing can beat that fresh pine scent that permeates home in days before Christmas, but maybe, just maybe, there is an alternative in which everyone wins. Now, there are tree programs in which you can rent a live Christmas tree for your home to have during the Holiday Season, and when the holidays are over, the same program picks up your tree and will plant it somewhere in the following year, or it will be rented out until it becomes too large and then it will be planted somewhere else! These trees are delivered to your home potted, with their roots intact, and they serve as a living air freshener in your home!

Christmas Decor:

Christmas is a great time to express your own creativity and style. There are so many different decorations you can get in stores, but there are even more that you can make yourself. Making your own Christmas decorations can be fun and it is a great opportunity to add your own creative flare to the Christmas season. Not only is making Christmas decorations a great stress reliever, but it is also a great way for you to give a gift to the environment by using recycled materials or odds and ends around your house instead of going out and buying the latest decorations in stores.

For starters, you can use real food for decorations such as popcorn strings instead of tinsel to decorate your Christmas tree. You can also make decorations out of gingerbread cookies and pinecones that you can find in your backyard. You can also take evergreen branches from your backyard to make your own homemade wreath, complete with nice red berries or other colourful fruit that you can attach to it!!

You can also decorate your tree with homemade ornaments and you can really get creative by making your own picture frame ornaments, or painting eggshells, or even decorating a tennis ball to look like a real Christmas ornament. By making your own decorations, you can really help the environment because you are not contributing to the CO2 emissions from transporting commercial ornaments, you are recycling materials so less waste is produced, and you can compost the natural decorations you use from year to year. Even if a fraction of your ornaments and decorations are environmentally friendly you are helping to make a more sustainable holiday culture.


  1. Best way to Celebrate any festival is by celebrating it with peaceful thought!! Nice post.


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