Natural Food: The real Food..

I remember being very picky with food when I was little. There were many things that I really didn't want to eat, may it be because of it's taste, texture, smell or even just by its color. Color, texture and smell affect food's taste.

Color is an important constituent of food. When we think of an apple or grape our mind associate them with the Red or Green color. Addition of color gives an attractive and appetizing appearance to food which also enhance its acceptability.

A few decade before people use natural ingredients like saffron or turmeric to give a rich orange or yellow color to various food like in rice or in curry. Other natural food such as carrots, grapes, spinach, tomatoes, beetroot were also use as coloring agents.

With the advancement of food technology we now have a wide range of artificial food colors as additives. Now one can make a more Greener Palak Paneer or Bright red Manchurian.

Food coloring use in commercial food production, like in Juices or drinks, ice-creams, candies, cakes etc. and people even use it in herbs or vegetables. as you know much red carrot, much green spinach, much yellow mustard seeds..

So what are the advantage or disadvantage of these colors.. the main and only advantage of the food color is to make the food look more appetizing; and when natural colors like turmeric are used, there are some health benefits too.

The disadvantage may vary for the colors causing simple allergies to some heavy metallic color that can be carcinogenic or cancer-causing too. More often the quantity of colors increased in excessive amounts to give the food a nice color. Some of the artificial colors can even destroy  the nutrients in the food because of the chemical composition.

Usage of food color is not bad, but right use of right color in right amount is most important.

People Go Natural!!  


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