Human Animal Conflict: Save Wildlife

Conflicts between humans and wildlife are very much intense these days. Wildlife competes directly with a rapidly increasing human demand over land and resources. Encroachment of forest areas for agriculture, developmental activities (all kinds or community buildings), livestock grazing etc. are some of the key reasons for increment of conflicts between humans and wildlife. Habitat loss and degradation of habitats forces wild animals to stray into human habitation which creates several conflicts and that lead to harm both humans and animals.

The results of such conflicts are disastrous. Retaliatory killing of wild animals such as electrocution, unbearable beating and in some cases accidental killing of several species. Sometimes Farmers also shoot these native species. People also set forests fires to harm these species.

In India human-wildlife conflict has been one of the most important reasons for reduced support for wildlife conservation by local people and political leaders. Though the solutions are not very complicated, just need few measures that can reduce conflict. 

1. Active maintenance of physical barriers,
2. Active guarding of crops 
3. Reduction in habitat fragmentation and degradation of habitat quality
4. Creating wildlife corridors so can these species migrate easily

Most Affected Species:

Elephant, Leopard, Black panther, Rhinoceros, Indian gaur, Bear, nilgiri tahr, Wild dogs (Dhol), Swamp deer, Several Snakes and Python, Monitor Lizard and although they are only few left but yes people do kill Tigers too.

What can we do:

1. If you find any injured animal, provide emergency assistance to protect species, with particular priority to the tiger, elephant and rhinoceros and large mammals.
2. Call authorities as soon as possible and aware people not to tease animal.
3. Spread mass awareness regarding endangered species, never kill for fun. Prohibit Hunting and poaching. 


  1. Good post Mugdha. I appreciate your love towards wild life and nature. if measures suggested by you followed honestly we can avoid accidents and death of precious animals.

  2. Hi, wonderful post. I like it.Thanks for sharing this.

  3. can you pls send me a pdf file on the number of incidents of wildlife straying into human habitation has rise and decrease in natural habits
    pls send soon as possile


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