Free Speech vs Wise Speech

You better think twice before “Liking” your friends’ comments on Facebook.  It may land you in jail.

I Love Purple..
Best Pizza served at...
I m going to Purchase a...

The first thing you do in the morning is to check; whatzzz in your "friend's mind" or "whatzzzz happening" in your distant cousin's life... you like it, you share it, you Re-tweet it! That's social networking site.. flooded with thoughts.

You are commenting and sharing and one fine day you are behind the bars... We are living in democratic nation, and we should have some fundamental rights and FREE SPEECH is one of them.

I m not supporting abrupt hurtful speakers too. I think everyone has a right to say thing. BUT.... A piece of advice: REACTION is law of Nature. Every Action has an Equal and (many times) Opposite Reaction... If you are saying something be prepared for answers/allegations. People may/can criticize your thoughts and opinions too. 

What can Aam Janta (common man) do~ 1. Don't ever write anything on riotous topics like linguistic/religion unevenness.
2. Never support trends, if you follow or shares others view point, make sure you are agreed with all the words in the particular sentence.
3. Do not write about provoking topics until unless you know the history behind it. Half cooked knowledge is worst.

I m not intended to start any social issue, its just I follow elder's saying 'think before you speak'


  1. Hi Mugdha , good and very important post. I think you must make note also on fb and post this where ever you can think people will read. need to spread such imp message everywhere.


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