Nature Therapy: Art of Healing

Nature can be a source of solace, healing, insight and regeneration. Whether in the wilderness or the backyard. Nature is healing.

Just think, what is the most commonly given gift when visiting a sick friend?  Flowers.  And what would a wedding be without flowers?  Even at funerals, flowers often play a significant role.  Why? because they make us feel better, just looking at their beauty lifts our spirits.  

Studies have shown that forests and other natural green environments have positive health benefits. After spending time in these types of surroundings, people report having a reduction in stress, anger and aggressiveness. Recovery time from stressful situations is faster in natural, green surroundings than in urban areas. Natural surroundings have also been found to improve mood and reduce depression.

But in the city it might be hard to find a restful place away from our busy work-lives, the rumble of heavy traffic and the daily rush. The answer is garden; they are beautiful, restful, engrossing, flourishing, easy to find or create.

There is no better tomato than the one you grew in your own garden. Fresh food is not only better tasting but it is better for you. Just think how nice it is to walk down the street and see pleasant gardens in front of people's homes, planters in front of restaurants and businesses. We not only benefit from seeing flowers, but also by planting them. Digging is not only great exercise, it's therapeutic. Planting new plants, picking off old flowers, cutting new ones for our vases. Harvesting food for meals. Smelling roses and herbs after rain.

Make sure you always takw your daily dose of nature :)

Note to make: Nature is always lovely, invincible, glad, Whatever is done and suffered by her creatures. 
All scars she heals, whether in rocks or water or sky or hearts ~ John Muir


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