I judge people how they treat their parents

I look back on my childhood and I see busy parents. Much like in today’s families, my mother and father were away a lot. But when there was a problem with discipline, I remember Ma and Papa talking to us gently but seriously. There were no arguments. No questions. No appeal.

Our respect for Papa and Ma had deep roots. No, it was not fear...  They were our toy in toddler age, we use to play with them, twist their nose and use their palm as our canvas... When we grew up they become our best friends, we share things, we also discuss about the rights of youth but in a limit which never cross the threshold. They were simple yet unique, their advice always helps. They never disguised their roles. They did not pretend to be super human, they discuss their problems too, they teach us the reality of life and always give their unconditional love and support.

When you were young and helpless, they took care of you, protected you, comforted you, and loved you. When you were older they taught you things, they took you places, they answered your many questions, and they tried to make sure that you had some fun in life as you were learning about the world. When you were a teenager, and you did not think that you needed them as much (if at all), they provided for you, helped you with your homework, and bought you things that made no logical sense to them but made you happy. They still taught you things, even when you thought that you already knew the answers, because they had once been teenagers, too.

They took you places, and let you go some places on your own or with your friends, because as much as they wanted to be with you, they knew that you needed to learn how to be out in the world on your own. They asked you questions about your life and activities, because you were now sharing that information more easily with your friends than with them. They answered your questions, and understood that many times you disregarded their answers, and ended up learning the answer the hard way. When you were a young adult, out on your own, and you thought that the world was yours to take, they were there for you, just in case you stumbled. You did many things without them, and talked with them less and less. They missed seeing you daily, talking with you regularly, and being the center of your life.

Later in your life, as you dealt with your own family issues, they were there to show you support when you needed it, they welcomed your spouse into their hearts, and loved your children unconditionally. And even though you were now a parent, and you were in charge, you finally realized that, although times had changed, many things never did, and the love and care that your parents gave you through your life was one of the many reasons you respected and loved your parents as much as you now did.

Then one day they were both gone, and you realized how much that you missed them, and regretted not showing them as much of your love and respect that they deserved, when you were younger.


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