7 Steps to be happy; inspired by a FRIEND

Lets start this post with a question.. What do you want? Hippocrates would say peace on earth, cure of cancer or strong brotherhood..

but as a normal human-being who works for 5 days in a week in 9-5 job or a woman taking care of a baby and household stuff with telephone and electricity bills piling up in the corner of the house cause you don't have time and energy to pay or a freshman who is probably tired due to continues job search... Yes I m talking about you.. what you want?

I bet everyone have their own answer; Money, a Nice House, Job, Little more time to finish the remains, a Relationship or may be a Pet.. the answer could be anything.. Like I want better health.. or I wish I can have that car.. or I wanted to be with someone who understands me. Yes these are the things we expect in our life, we want all these little things to happen.. didn't we..

But when you think deep down, one voice will say 'All I want is to be .....' Fill this blank and you'll be surprise because there is only one word that could fit here.. 'All I want is to be HAPPY'. Everyone knows that they want to be happy, but sometimes they got frustrated because they know what they want but they don't know how to get it..

Example: You are in urgent need of the money.. you'll figure out, you can either search your pocket to check may be some money is there in your wallet, if its not there you'll go to the bank, if its Sunday you'll check the ATM for the cash, if its not working then you'll ask your family or friend to land some money.. but in the end you'll figure out something right... 

Same case here when we know all we want to be HAPPY than there are 100s of ways to be HAPPY.. Here I m going to remind you some classic old things and by practicing these you'll never have to search for happiness.. you'll create it in your mind and it will stay there..

Your life style is your message to the world; make it inspiring by becoming the happiest person..

1. Have a Good Morning - Smile when you wake up and tell yourself, what a beautiful day it is.. I m going to make it perfect for myself... set the happy tone for the day.

Nurture your body and soul; seek out the simple luxuries of life, and embrace them. Pick up your luxury - meditation, morning yoga, a walk in nature or a delicious wholesome breakfast.

2. Show Gratitude - Have you ever told your God or Destiny Maker or Guardian Angel that how much you love to be in their shadow.. how much they means to you.. People usually go to temple to ask if God can make their family members healthy or if God can give them success in business..

When you start your day, give a big thanks to your beloved God and tell him that how much you appreciate his presence in your life.. Buy yourself a beautiful notebook, and keep a gratitude journal. Before bed each night, write five things down that you are grateful for. By practicing gratitude, your perception will change, and you will develop a sense of appreciating the smaller things in life.

3. Positive Attitude - Attraction is the basic factor; when you get up in morning with bad mood swings and complaints, whole day you are going to attract more problems.. Change your focus.. 

Example: You can either start with; Oh God worst day I don't have juice to drink or bread finished last night what am I going to eat..  or you can try thank God I have milk I can make tea or coffee and wow the cereal box is there so lets have a healthy breakfast today.. (gratitude with positive attitude)

Its all depend upon your thoughts.. if you want to have a bad day go ahead keep complaining and you are for sure going to have a one but on the other hand just shift your focus on what you already have and be grateful for it. Thank you God, I m only 15 minutes late, I can cover it up or This dress is not fitting, wow I m going to buy new clothes.. what ever happen 'worst can always turn into best'.

4. Find a Way - If you want to live your dream life.. you have to find a way. In the process of being successful or wealthy, you will make mistakes, however, instead of giving up, find a way that works. Opportunities will come to the the seeker.. Believe in yourself.. and say your wishes out load.. I see myself living in a bigger house or in one year I'll buy that car or I m fine, with continues care I'm going to be perfect in health... AND Yes, you'll get what ever you want... because you can always find a way to fulfill your needs...

And ones you have the feeling that you are going to get it, its just a matter of time, You will be surprised how the whole universe will shift it self just to fulfill your desire.. Just believe in your self..

5. Purity of thoughts - Manifestation of your desire is very easy, you want something and you'll have that thing.. But the purity of thoughts or intentions would be well focused and clear..  You can control the situations in your life only if you stay positive.. NOT DESTRUCTIVE.. 

I want to make it clear that destructive thoughts are root cause of negativity. And happiness and negativity can not be stand together.. So make your self clear that what you want and send out positive thoughts/feelings/emotions about it, you will find the key to fulfilling your dreams.

6. Do the Right Thing - Live life with an open mind and loving heart. Don’t let your ego take over. Give without expecting, refrain from gossip, and do not judge. Walk with grace, and keep your character strong. It takes courage, to live with your principles.

No condition could be hopeless, you can always do the right thing at the right time and even if result doesn't shows up yet, wait with high spirits.. If you do good, you will feel good and its like generating your personal happiness, within yourself. 

7. Love and Honor Yourself - Speak to yourself with kindness, think good about yourself and honor your value by living life by your own morals. Take some time to invest in the most important thing – YOU. The Mantra is 'I m perfect, I m fine and I m HAPPY'

Tips for beginners:
~Chill Out, and Savor the Moment..
~Take some time to notice how blue the sky is, or how beautiful is the flower
~Make a date with music and give atleast 2 hour to music in a weekend or 10-15 minutes in a day.
~Take a vacation of 2 days and meet your friends and family or go and relax anywhere you want..
~Pamper your self with food once in a while, its not going to make you fat, but your habits too.. eat whatever you want and burn it..
~Finish your daily task.. it will give you peace and inner happiness
~Give time to your passion; go for a ride if you like to roam, get a new haircut if you life to groom yourself, do window shopping if you like to be up to dated

Inner happiness can't be taken away; it will increase by sharing.. Leave your inspiring story at this address mugdhasinghblogging@gmail.com and I'll use one story as a guest post..

PS: My FRIEND Inspired me and now I m sharing my experience; never break this chain, you might end up changing someone's life.. 


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