Kashmir: '21 January 1990'

Tears filled in my eyes after reading an article in 'Greater Kashmir' Gaw Kadal massacre: Lone survivor recounts CRPF terror. It is not a story of a common human-being, it is a story of a miracle.

I want to visit Kashmir, a 12 years old daughter ask her mother, mother said no its not safe there, we'll go Shimla or Manali but not Kashmir. Why mom? whats the problem? Why we can't visit Kashmir.. Beta, you are too young to understand; the lady replied. End of conversation!!

Another example, Dad, I'm planning my holidays in Kashmir a 23 years old son asked his father, Dad's reply: No, you can go to beach side or if you have to go for mountains choose Mussoorie, Kashmir is not safe. Chapter close!!

These are real life examples, after 1990s people afraid to visit Kashmir, continuous bands (curfews) make the area more mysterious. I ask my dad, what's so wrong about Kashmir, he told me about some political issues; but that was not sufficient for me, so I start surfing around and the results were of two kind...

STORY from GOVERNMENT scenario 
STORY from KASHMIRI scenario

I start digging more, try to read as much as I can, what I found is this 'Gaw Kadal massacre' 21st Jan. 1990 (24 years ago), there was a huge bloodshed happen, 51 innocent people were killed in one day... and the reason was they want freedom.. now the question arise, freedom from what? freedom from whom?

In their own words: Kashmir is one of those conflict zones which have faced the worst human rights violations and crimes against humanity. Kashmiri people are suffering from extreme inhumane behavior for the last many decades like torture, extrajudicial killings, mass murders, rape, torture, and abuse, exposition of unmarked graves, detentions and enforced disappearance.

Muhammad Farooq Wani, 61, lone survivor of the Gaw Kadal massacre says: "It was like hell," on that ill-fated day CRPF troopers opened fire, there were injured people all around. Laying flat on Gaw Kadal, I witnessed the barbaric massacre of Kashmiris. "The injured were wreathing in pain and asking for water. It was horrible to see troopers laughing and kicking the injured. Suddenly, they started to pump bullets on heads of the injured persons, killing them instantly, I could see blood all around and hear last moans of death everywhere."

Due to excessive emotions I am not able to complete this post, Read Wani's story to know, what exactly happened that day. I m sure the story will bring tears in your eyes as well. Praying for those who lost their family in the incident. 

I want to ask so many questions to the authorities, to the government but I need support, we need to stand together for Kashmir, there are people still fighting for their rights and I want to plead each and everyone of you, before judging these people, listen their side of story as well. 

This post will continue with more facts.. 
Dear Readers, Please ignore all the mistakes as this I m writing this post after so much anger and sympathy. Will write more balanced post next time.

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  1. iv been to kashmir and people there have too much anger for INDIA,tho they have some very strong points and Human rights violations by security forces are a real shame,but been there i know most of this feeling has to do with religion,Kashmiri muslims dnt want to be a part of india cos india is secular but they want India to be a muslim country. kashmiri muslims take religion in a very weid way,iv spent 3 years in kashmir so i think i know abt the situation . i had tear in my eyes when i saw people marchin in protsts with hteir 2 -3 year old kids and pelting big stones with police replyin with tear gas ..its like HATE is infused in kashmiri kids right from childhood ,so rather than thinkin with a clear mind they all have a set mentality -- "whatever india does ,,cal it wrong and abuse it"..... and Kashmir pandits lost their home too ,,they all were made to flee..id be the first one to support kashmiri muslims demand for separating from india the day they start showing equal interest in tryin to re establish the KAshmiri pandit community ...and as long as the youth is misguided in the name of religion i dnt see any solution coming up.....

  2. kashmiri muslim youth is taliban supporter except shias cos taliban is killing shias too cos as per em shia's are not real muslims .....and iv seen kashmiri youth abusing malala on fb posts abt her,,,,, during shutdown stones were peltes on kindergarden kids school bus for defyin the shudown aftr it has been months of shutdown ...who in right fram eof mind does that.......... and all those leaders who keep on using religion as a factor to brainwash the youth just talk abt protesting againt india or music concerts being organised there ,,they never ever talk abt real progress,or youths development or education ,,i say educate youth in proper manner and let them decide for emsleves rather than brainwashing em ,,,,,,, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlTDqIJaBRI ............

  3. do notice when he says "secularism nahi chalega" and this guy is the most respected politican and if u talk to kashmiri muslim he/she myt posiibly say that dnt like him and trust me they'll be lying .....;) and yes gawkadaal massacre is really shameful and govt should be answrable i was tryin to google what govt or CRPF has to say abt it and noticed ur post and next thing ..i am here ,,,

  4. Dear Ajay Bains,
    Like many others you too got it wrong. I do not have much time to discuss but I would like to briefly add some points. First of all you should be well versed with the Kashmir history vis-à-vis India and Pakistan before talking about it. There is an answer for you. Kashmir is an internationally accepted disputed territory. The trouble starts when India refuses to accept it and every Tom-Dick-Harry boasts about Kashmir being an integral part of India. When we look into the history (before 1947) Kashmir (including Indian occupied Kashmir, IOK and Pakistan occupied Kashmir, POK) has never been part of India (British India). We had a dogra ruler namely Hari Singh. The accession which India is talking about has never happened and suppose if it has happened also still it is conditional. All other things are a follow up of all this.


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