March shopping haul!!

I've been through a bit of a rough week and have spent most of it either working all through the night on articles or sanctuaries trips for photography. Was also working on new blog designs and social media strategies so the week went by quickly. Well today not actually the day but the evening became fresh when I rolled around in market with my bestie. We headed out for grocery shopping but ended up having cappuccino at CCD and lots of shopping!! Spending a lot more of my savings than I initially intended to. Lets take a look at march haul.

These two cute kurtas are from Biba. I like these plain kurtas specially the pink one with self print. 

This purple adidas wiggle top is another best purchase; material is soft and wrinkle free, with long easy sleeves. Just wow!!

Also picked this forever aloe scrub, tried it and can recommend it for oily skin... once in week and you are good for summer :)

Another marvellous piece which i purchased lately is this SAMSUNG galaxy core! Will update more about it :) in one word, its 'cute'

So this is it for now :) Thanks for reading!!



  1. thats an interesting haul. love the bright pink kurta :D I've just started posting too. do take a look :D

  2. Nice Post, love shopping


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