March-April Shopping Spree

This sunday I had the pleasure of shopping with my bestie and whole afternoon went by with the blink of an eye :) frostea (cucumber-lemon) for me and lemonade (kiwi-lemonade) for Kanika at CCD. Strongly recommended this frostea thing (first image).. awesome it is!! Photo courtesy CCD.

Later we went for shopping... I consider this month as "Shopping Month", one thing after another, I had chance to shop every single week since March 22nd and the whole experience was too good :) kind of therapy! 

Lets start with Jewelery, two studs both from tanishq cute, little and awesome :) 

Now the clothings, I'm going to share the images but the colors are not well capturized although every single piece is gem for me! I also want to mention how much I enjoy these splash of colors, it really made my gray-pasty cupboard look cool. I liked these clothes even more when I tried them on... :)

Lace trimmed shirt are also in again and I may even purchase them soon.

Jovan Musk, the perfume is very nice and long lasting. I use to wore it as a signature fragrance years ago.. Brings back pleasant memories. Fragrance is now lighter than I imagined and quite comfy for day time..

Temperature in Nothern India increasing like anything and working from home is the only solution for me to beat the heat! Purchased few beautiful accessories for home decor which I'll update in my next blog! Wishing you all a great week!

PS: Here is a picture of my loaded cupboard. This could be one of the messy thing you guys witnessed so far on this blog, searching for kewl ideas to reorganized it, if you guys have something in mind please leave the comments below! Will update more later!

Thanks for reading :)



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