It’s Christmas... Not ‘X’mas

Christmas posts, before Christmas :) The best thing about having a writing platform is that you can write about anything and everything... Today I m going to write about Christmas...

I love Christmas.. to be honest I love all the holidays but Christmas brings festivity for the whole season... its not a 'one' day holiday... its an event, a series of celebrations... :) 

First of all It’s Not ‘X’mas, It’s ‘Christ’mas

Christmas celebrated to mark the birth of Lord Jesus Christ... Christmas is the message of a child born in a manger in a city of Bethlehem but for his deeds worshiped around the world.

For some reason Christmas has been shortened by the use of ‘xmas’. ‘X’, cannot take the place of Jesus Christ, the most venerable name, in Christianity! the name that upholds a vision, an inspiration, can NOT be shortened.

The season of Christmas remains in the air entire month of December and beginning of January. The real essence of the festival is in the feeling and sense of sharing love and the reason why it is celebrated.

There are many things that can spark the Christmas spirit, the arrival of cold weather, the smell of cookies, cakes baking in the oven, the presence of family... Let me share few examples...

The Christmas cake is also called the ‘Plum cake’, given that the main ingredients of the cake are tiny bits of plums. Although there is no specific time to start baking cakes people generally begin baking it few days before Christmas. Other then the authentic Plum Cake there is a Ribbon and Chocolate-Walnut cakes for the cake lovers.

The custom of singing Christmas carols is said to have come from 13th century, Italy where a man named St. Francis of Assisi led songs of praise. It is considered bad luck to send carolers away empty handed as it is customary to offer food, drink or even a little money. A Christmas Carol is basically a song or hymn whose lyrics are on the theme of Christmas or the winter season in general, traditionally sung throughout the season of Christmas.

Decorations trigger the magical feelings of the holiday season. A Christmas without the Christmas tree is incoherent. They played a symbolic part because they stay green and alive when other plants appear dead and bare. They represent everlasting life and hope for the return of spring. The tree is decorated with Christmas ornaments like coloured stars, balls, bells, drums, Santa-Claus, angels.

Christmas is a season of great joy and is marked by reading the story of Jesus' birth, singing Christmas carols and giving gifts after the pattern of God's greatest gift to us- His own Son. People usually put up the decorations around their home after Thanksgiving to mark the beginning of Christmas season. Since Christmas comes about the same time as New Year the celebrations are coincided and therefore the festive season is intact for a longer period.

So don't wait more... start baking cookies, decorate your tree and home and enjoy the festivity :) Thank you for reading :) 



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