Women’s ROLE in media

Check the graph and lets talk about Women in Media (Few isn't it)

Recently in the SAARC - Literature Festival, I met a young beautiful entrepreneur and magazine editor from Afghanistan, Nasina Hamdard. Wait... a Muslim girl in a Muslim country working and on the top of that editing a magazine. Something weird right! 

But no, she was really, the independent one working for a cause and giving the world as much competition as much she can. Another example is Farheen Chaughary. A writer, director, anchor from Pakistan. She is trying to open the doors as well. 

I know I can gave some examples from India as well, but we all know them very well. There are very few faces in India and these woman are trying to work as much as they can. Barkha Dutt, Humera Qureshi, Chitra Subramaniam Sagarika Ghose, Saba Naqvi, Rana Aayub, Nidhi Razdan, Mini Menon, Sucheta Dalal, Talveen Singh are some of the names but they are like Cherries on the cake and we can well count them.

I am writing this post, as people (most of the time) think that media is a field which is well suited for man only and I agree that there are banners where only 2-3 woman are working among the team of 100s or 200s men.

But let me clarify this, most of the fashion column and magazines are run by women, globally. Women are becoming photo journalists, Women are reaching out to fields including politics, crime, rural development. There are much more women in college now days than men; women are getting into politics, business, the military and every other area of what use to be the man’s world. 

On the contrary, it seen that, women are on screen all the time. The way women are portrayed in the media, constantly bombarded with these images of the perfect woman, best housewife using so and so washing powder, best mother with so and so food item and best girlfriend with so and so lipstick share. And off the screen or behind the camera the role of women become negligible, sad truth of the media. 

These days women seem to be fighting for the getting other roles as well, which means that the gender line behind the camera shouldn't be only sure of Men, there should be a balance.

Women are keep fighting, around the world to torn these images and labels of being a bad driver, less efficient in career fields etc. We can change the world's perspective, only we have to try!!

A Note: Another topic is related with women in media that how safe it is. I am not gonna lie to you, it is a risky job. Hard work needed all the time may be during the late evenings too, but trust me, no job is safe for anyone. If you talk about teaching or banking, I have seen the harassment in these fields too. Coin always have two sides, good and bad, consider both the sides. 

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