Taj City welcomes Food Lovers

This post is for all the food lovers in Agra. I have tried so many restaurants in Agra time and again and I can write a 10 page note on the restaurants but here is a thing, non-vegetarians have to find their favorites by their own... (Strictly :) Veg). (I am also going to share just random food clicks, just to make you all hungry)

Restaurants of Agra have lot to offer, you may pick
MoMo Café at Courtyard by Marriott, The Grand Buffet at Jaypee Palace HotelMughal Pavilion in ITC Mughal, Esphahan in the Oberoi Amarvilas are
 known for their delicious dishes. Other restaurants including Pinch of Spice, Pind Balluchi, Vaidik, Jahanpanah, Kwik are also known in the city. 

However in this post I am not going to mention name of the hotels/restaurants but the changes that are making Agra city a global city for food lovers. Agra is offering the delicious buffet for the denizens. Live kitchen, à la carte menu, international flavors and all day dining are some of the key points of royal kitchens in Agra.

With time Agra is becoming a true example of 'MoMo' a word that is derived from the phrase 'modern living modern dining'. Restaurants in Agra are becoming a place where guests can come for breakfast, lunch or dinner and can enjoy their favorite dishes.

The buffet in restaurants of Agra encompasses world famous cuisines like Indian, South Indian (that is completely different from northern food) Chinese, Thai, Mediterranean, spanish and Italian. Agarites love chaat - street food from India, which includes Paneer Chaat, Fruit Chaat, Dahi Papdi, Sev Papdi, Raj Kachauri etc.

For the lunch Agra offers main course that is usually a mix of authentic mughlai, north Indian and oriental cuisine. Dishes like stir fried vegetables, veg biryani, paneer kali mirch, Naan and Rajsi Daal are some of the example.

After a great meal, the dessert cannot be missed and Agra have the vast spread dessert varieties that offers Indian and international sweets like kheer, petha, hot chocolate fudge, cakes, mouse and many more.

Must Try:
Mughalai Parantha - Indian bread
Paneer Butter Masala - Veg curry
Bedai - Snack 
Samosa Chaat - Snack
Agra Petha - Sweet dish
Kheer-Maalpua - Sweet dish 

So do visit Agra and if you have enough Pizza and Burger try something new in Agra! Thanks for reading :) 



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