Summers and Summer-Migratory Birds

Summer migratory birds have arrived in Soor Sarovar Birds Sanctuary, which is a perennial lake area at the outskirts of Agra. Bird lovers are expecting more than 10 summer migrants to arrive by the next month. The lake is known for winter migratory birds and claimed to be Uttar Pradesh’s one of biggest lakes. Professional and ameture bird watchers are already begun to count summer birds in Keetham and hoping for a promising bird number, this year.

Keetham is one of the richest bio-divers area in Agra. The green patch has more than 90 native birds and it host all most equal number of birds in winters. Keetham is able to host such a huge number of birds because of the excellent water and food capacity of the area. Asian Koel, Pied Cuckoo, Asian Paradise Flycatcher are some of the summer birds that are common in Keetham. These birds are native to the southern part of India and visits northern area in search of food and breeding space,

Migration is a year long process. In winters birds come to the warmer areas to protect themselves but in summers, birds do not migrate because of excess of heat but because of the lack of diet at one place and food availability at the other place. Sarus Crane is the state bird of Uttar Pradesh (UP) and it lives in UP, most of the time but in winters it migrate to the other warmer parts of the UP and returned in the Keetham sanctuary in summer season. It is another sign that summers are arrived in the area.

So far it is evident that we may able to see a bigger number of summer birds, in Agra, as Keetham is ready to offer different kinds of seeds, grains, berries and fishes to the birds. Do visit Agra in summers to take a glimpse of these birds. Thanks for reading :)



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