'Tis the season to be foody

Hi guys, first of all, I am really sorry about the huge break that I took from my blog... Its been more than a month, since I have written a post. I was not even able to share the give away winner's and received so many messages on my social networking sites and mails to write posts on winter/Christmas/New year. Well the winner are V. Priya from Chennai and Debomitra from Kolkata, already send the giveaway gifts... :)

Christmas is just around the corner... to be true I was hoping to do lots of posts before Christmas but its better late then never. Yummy goodies yell Christmas as nothing else can do. Be it a Christmas party or even the New years eve, the most cherishing elements of the season are relishing homemade treats.

These palatable flavors are good in both ways, whether you serve them at a get-together or simply pack them into lovely gifts.

Christmas Tree Brownies: Use any kind of chocolate brownies to make the stem of the tree. Use Green frosting on the top of the brownies and give it a shape of a tree, by using side of a small fork. Decorate with small candies.

Christmas themed snacks: Mix some candy canes, Christmas cookies, candies or even popcorn in a bowl and you are done. Fill it in your gift boxes or keep it for the guests.

Christmas cookies: Buy some plain cookies or bake them in desired shapes. Use frosting to create Christmas symbols.. From trees to Santa, stars to bells, there are so many options... 

Hot Chocolate: Not a gift idea but certainly best for the season. Either melt the chocolate or buy a ready to made mixture, serve hot!

Christmas Cookie Bark: Break the Oreo biscuits in small pieces, cover them with white melted chocolate. Add sprinkles or small candies and let it cook. Later break the bark in small pieces. The bark is another good option as gift. 

The Grinch: Use strawberry, grape and banana. Add the fruits on the skewers or stick them using frosting. Either way the Grinch Fruit Salad would scream, MARRY CHRISTMAS :) (In picture a small marshmallow is used to make the hat top.)

'Tis the season to be foody... :) Have a happy holidays friends.. Will post more stuff soon! 



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