Hi friends...

Many of you asked me via social media and through comments on previous posts that why I am not posting anything lately. It was so overwhelming to read all those comments and as a blogger this is my duty to keep my readers informed.

The last blog I wrote was in month of April and that too (if I am not wrong) in the first half of the month. So yes it's been a long time, since I have written anything.

Here is the reason, why I haven't been blogging since April

Most of you know that I don’t talk a lot about my job/work on my blog, but for this, I’m making an exception.

In April, I was between jobs. I was going for interviews and got offer letters from 3 companies too. After taking lots of stress about which company to join, I finally made up my mind by end of the month (April).

I have to windup work in my previous company and meanwhile also pack my stuff as I was moving to a new city. It was hard for me to left the old firm as it was very close to my heart.

Well, the shifting went smoothly but the whole process took a solid period of 15-20 days. I was planning to do a post during packing and the scribbles are still in my draft. I was not able to complete it due to tight schedule. 

I joined the next company in May (mid) and again I was super busy during the first 15 days of the work as I was learning the tools and techniques, understanding how this firm works etc and adapting in the new environment.

(Note: I have to travel 3 hours to and fro everyday, except for Sundays to reach office and office timings are 11 to 6, so basically I spend more or less 10 hours for office.)

June also went by quickly because I went for a short trips with family, working on some magazine articles which got published wonderfully. These articles were not part of my job, so I took etc efforts to gather the data, writing and editing the stories, refining the material, collecting relevant pictures etc. 

(sharing image of the article (one of them) that got published lately)

But today I thought to do a reappear post :) and from July, which is my blog anniversary month too (click here to read last year's post); I would try to maintain the pace of 1-2 blog per week. (lets see if we can stretch it up to 3-4 posts a week.)

So see you all tomorrow, with a fresh post! Thank you for your patience and thank you all for the constant reminders that I should post.. I must post :) 



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