Eid Decorations

Decorating for the festivals is always brings extra cheer in the family. It is priceless to see happy faces of the kids, when they wake up to decorations but it is also exciting for the adults and visitors.

Eid is almost here and it’s time to prepare for the celebrations! Here are a few Eid Decoration projects that you can try at home to bring in the Holiday spirit... :)

The Starts and Crescents Hanging

1 to 2 sheets of Golden craft paper
1 to 2 sheets of Royal Blue craft paper 
(above item may varies according to the size, color combinations can vary according to the choice)
Cardboard Material
Clear Strings
Scotch tape

Make couple of stencils for both the shapes. These stencils can be as big or as small as your place allows. Use stencils to make cutouts from cardboard which will work as solid structure for the decorations.
Next cut the pieces of star and crescents. Make sure that you have enough paper to cover the cardboard. Now paste the craft paper shapes on the cardboard and leave it for at least 30 min. so they can dry completely.
Now use a compass (drawing tool) or something similar to make holes in the shapes. Use clear strings to attach all the pieces. And attach each string with a frame which is the base of the hanging.
(Note: I used different length of strings to create a 3-D effect in the hanging. Use more imagination and make a perfect hanging.)

Another beautiful and self explanatory wall hanging for the festive decoration

Paper Lanterns 

Sheets of colorful craft paper
(above item may varies according to the size, color combinations can vary according to the choice)
T light candles/any candle in a jar with balanced bottom

Cut the multicolored craft paper in squares. Use pointed pen or pencil and draw a designs on the paper, like a flower, moon, stars etc. 
Now use needle or pin to make tiny holes all over your design. It would take a while but results will be mind blowing.
Now tape or glow the squares to make a cylindrical shape. Put T light candles. The design of the paper will look beautiful while light come through the holes.

Is the above design, too easy for you... try this mosque lantern, have fun crafting :) 

Decorated Candles

Plain Candles
Gems, sequins, glitter

Figure out :) 
(Note: When you paste the gems, let them dry for at least 2-3 hours)

Another way is to decorate the platform with the material

Let me know if you like the ideas. Share your ideas with me :) Happy July



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