Winter is coming

I am going to start this post with this beautiful image.. Hope you enjoy the rest of the post as well :)

Winter is finally here at my door :) It was the first day of fog.. I almost sprung out of my bed, when I saw dense white fog, peeping in side my window..

I am so excited for the coming winter months. I just moved in to a new house and I'll start decorating my room and make it winter ready in coming week. We'll talk about that in my next post and now lets discuss some activities that you all should try, this December and January. 

Fun activities that will help YOU to have a happier winter... 


Create Ambiance! -- First and foremost! Buy a fireplace dvd, use candles that remind your of happy times, lighting, lanterns, teas, cocoas, make your home winter (holidays) ready :) 

Create a Work Coop -- work with friends/family to accomplish tasks that are long due 

Game Nights/Movie Nights -- with friends or family, try to find winter movies, my favorites are Christmas Hallmark Movies 

Organize/Decorate rooms: you can start by de-junking your home

Talk Therapy - find a friend or family member to talk to instead of staying isolated

Read a good book or have a Read-a-thon -- its a best time to complete that one novel that is sitting on your side table since you remember 

Try new recipes -- avoid the stress... just cook it out :) 

Buy new make-up kit, give yourself a makeover or enjoy a home spa 


Go see a movie -- make it a family night out

Sign up for a class -- be it cooking, language learning or guitar lessons, just do it 

Book a hotel or cabin for a quick get-a-way

Exercise -- go to the gym and start 2017 on a healthy note...Get a walking partner! (Can be a indoor activity too)

Find a patch of sunlight everyday -- enjoy the sunset 

Meet friends for lunch

Make a snowman -- if you live where it snows; Go ice skating

These are only ideas, develop them according to your taste and feasibility. Hope you all have a good, good winter. Make it magical and special some how. 

Thanks for reading



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