SheIn Haul

I was feeling very spendy a few days ago and I did some damage on SheIn. I discovered the site from various bloggers and wanted to give the site a look. The first time I got on the site I was hooked. The clothes and other items are so cute and not to mention affordable.

What Is Shein?

Shein is an online retailer that is based in Asia. They sell inexpensive and on trend clothing and accessories. I was THRILLED to be introduced to the website SheIn (formally known as SheInside). But equally wary to do an experiment. 

I purchased items that are not clothes, shoes or handbags. I landed up on their accessory option and purchased few pieces. So, it's not that typical clothing haul that every blogger and vlogger do, it's an Accessory Haul.

First I'll share the list of products that I purchased from SheIn and then we'll do the quality check. I'll try to link all the items, so if you liked something you can find it easily. 

2 bags - Both pink, both make up pouch/storage pouch (Whatever pouch) (Pink bucket makeup bag)
1 shades or sun glasses - black with the purple tint
5 make up brushes - (Color Block Makeup Brushes - Set of Three) (Chunky Makeup Brush - I was not able to find the exact color but it's similar to mine)
1 beauty blender 
1 beauty blender cleaner - apparently people clean their brushes too 

These items cost me Rs. (INR) 2220 including all the shipping charges and taxes and because this was my first order from SheIn, I got a discount of Rs. (INR) 200. 

Quality: SheIn do offer, some real fun pieces but the quality of the products is not that good. Although I am impressed with sun glasses but the quality of bags is far away from my expectation. SheIn can really work on quality section. I'll give 2.5/5 for quality. 

Website Vs Reality: The website is very easy to navigate and appealing to eyes. The colors of products on site vs reality are fine but I was really expecting the pink bucket bag to be pink. However, it is in more of a powder peachy shade. I love all the pastels, so the color did not bothered me that much. The sun glasses also appeared all black in the image but what I received is black with tinted purple color. They looked cool though. 3.5/5 is my ranking for this section. 

The Makeup items: Out of all the products, I think the makeup brush/blender cleaner is really useful. If you are a makeup expert, you won't exactly love these brushes but if you are a newbie like me, they are pretty handy. You can do many-many practice sessions from these and once your hand is set and you don't feel awkward using brushes and blenders then you can spend your coin on an expensive one. I'll give 4/5 for these items.

Packaging and Delivery: Outer packaging was ok nothing fancy but inside the outer packaging, everything was bubble-wrapped nicely. The delivery was also prompt and I'll give them 5/5 for that. 

Do I Recommend Shein?

It was a hit and miss kind of haul but I will defiantly spend some more money on clothing items, just to check that section. Comment below, if you want a SheIn clothing haul.

Also comment below, if you want to know more about SheIn or want me to review any other site. 

Thank you for reading..



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