20 Vintage Christmas Traditions

The tinseled trees, the heartfelt gifts, the general kind-heartiness and simple spirit of the times, no era captured the true essence of Christmas quite like the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s... 

I don't belong to that time but when it comes to do research, I can overcome any measures.. I talked to people, read few articles and finally closed my eyes and left everything on imagination...

That's how I made this list of 20 awesome Christmas traditions that I would love to repeat...

If you want experience innocence and festivity together.. try some of these traditions... I know, it's Christmas already but you are that late.. trust me!

1) Picking out a real tree

2) Making cards and gifts

3) Family outings to see department store displays

4) Singing Christmas carols with neighbors

5) Hanging mistletoe near entrance 

6) Stockings that were actual socks

7) Tree garlands made of popcorn and cranberries

8) Ornaments made of paper, decorating with cardboard houses and deer

9) Mom's coffee cake on Christmas morning

10) Waiting until the night before Christmas to decorate

11) Covering the tree with shiny tinsel and garlands

12) Watching the children's play at church

13) Trying to catch Santa in action

14) Going to bed in Christmas pajamas

15) Having 'The Night Before Christmas' read to children

16) Not seeing presents under the tree until Christmas morning

17) Oranges, tangerines, walnuts, and chocolate coins in stockings

18) Dressing up on Christmas day

19) Presenting toys that didn't require batteries or internet

and finally ... 20) Getting that one present we really, REALLY wanted

When you have a four-year old, just learning the magic of Christmas, you want to do everything in your power to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Everybody celebrates in their own way, every culture has their own way of celebrating Christmas, but there are core traditions that are celebrated regardless of where you live such as decorating a Christmas tree, spending time with family and friends and cooking special holiday delicacies.

I wrote above, what you use to experience and it's time to revive those memories!

Thank you for reading...  Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New year!



  1. Liked it, the post is a good reminder, how materialistic we became


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