Lion and Lambs: Predators in Wild

Whenever I see enormous abundance of kites flying high with proud or a large group of predators waiting with sharp eyes for a single mistake of their prey; I always wonder, where does this relation lead us!!

When we think of predators, frighting images come to mind. Our heart jumps and we glance around warily. In society; predators have thrown off the balance of life and need to be stopped. It's another story in the WILD... There is a check and balance between predator and prey. One cannot exist without the others.

A true predator is one which kills and eats another organism. They may hunt actively for prey or sit and wait for prey to approach within striking distance. They may eat their prey whole or tear it into shreds.

Nature is designed in a way to keep the balance of the eco-system properly. It has created Predator and Prey to keep the balance only. The Predator never hunt for fun, it make a kill only when needed. The exception is human-beings.

There are some species do so well in human disturbed areas; they either are more in number or less important for human-beings.

We need to learn something from true predators. (Photograph Credits for below pictures (both): Michel Denis-Hout, 2nd picture: WWF, 3rd picture: BBC)


  1. Nice Photography!! Hats off to Michel Denis-Hout pictures.

    Almost all these hot spots around the world, most have been destroyed to the point where there is no wildlife and very little of the natural world left.


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