Twitter suspended my account!!!

Yes if you're trying to find me on Twitter and you can't, it's because Twitter suspended my account. No, I did nothing to violate their Terms of Service, no have they alleged that I have. Rather, something recent must have accidentally tripped some automatic alarm system, and their computer automatically locked me out of my account.

I've been using Twitter for months now, and i've even developed some real (though virtual) relationship via Twitter. I really wanted to do a little tweeting before bed tonight, because catching up with my Twitter friends can uplifting. But I can't now!!

Instead of doing that, I'm blogging about why I'm not... And that sucks. Especially since I recently followed by bunch of other old friends and other active writers and their tweets are really interesting. And maybe that's what set off Twitter's computer. That's the only thing I can think of...

I noticed that after I followed them, a few people blocked me, something that somewhat surprized me, beacause I'm not a spammer, and if they were interested in keeping their tweets private, they would have made their profiles private. I know that Twitter has some automated trigger such that if a certain unspecified number of people block you (within a certain unspecified period of time???), Twitter will automatically suspend your account...

But all I did was to follow their public tweets, which is how you meet new people on Twitter. It's always been that way. I know, because I've been on Twitter for months. While I understand that new people coming on Twitter may get annoyed, especially since there are spammers who follow a large number of people, just t get a large number of follower and then these spammers don't actually pay attention any of their friends' tweets.

But you see, I'm not one of these spammers. I actually do pay attention to my Twitter Friends' tweets. No all of them, all the time, but when I log on to Twitter, I actually do participate in the conversation. I've been doing this for months. And if Twitter had looked at my account longevity, they would have known that I wasn't a spammer.

If they catch the account longevity, it wouldn't have falsely triggered, as it did, and I would be tweeting with my friend right now, rather than complaining about how down in the dumps I feel about being cut off from them.

Oh well... Hope for the best!!


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