Thursday, May 10, 2012

SUMMER... Have Fun in SUN...

Ahhh, summer time! Coconut water, water melons, Sun dresses and pool games...

Throughout the year, you usually take care of everything just like a busy bee, so when summer rolls around .... a suprising desire of "break" come out.

Summertime...everyone looks forward to it. Being outside in the sun, the beach, hanging out with friends on the slippery mountain range, and of course summer cookouts and warm nights. Summer is a great time to get creative and it provides great party ideas.

Plan a picnic
If you are tired of the same meal routine, spice up your day and head outside! You can go to your local park or a nearby destination and pack your favorite foods and side dishes and have some summerrryyy fun...

Yes Cooking Can be Fun
Summer is a season of fruits, try to make new salad or some fruit drinks. It will refresh you   to all day long...

Gather your friends and play indoor/outdoor games
This is a great way to get a group together and do an activity that everyone love. How about a summer camp with friend; Plan a trip to nearby nature park, you are gonna love the landscaping...

Bring Sunshine into your home
Listen to your favorite songs, have some season drinks like mango shake, open the windows early in the morning and do some yoga. Research the peace!!

Add Water in Summer
A pool party, volleyball at beach, boating, a walk near river bank... You need to pick one idea, pack your bag, take a waterproof camera and have fun...

Go Out Try Something New
Play with colors, The sun brings more than just sunshine; Add some sunny yellow in your routine; “Yellow is happy, optimistic, clean, upbeat...” Choose comfy and light material for the summers, Catch the local summer market, sometimes they have stuff which can add up with your summer mood.

Choose summer as your fitness season, try jogging or swimming and make the season hit!!

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