Summer Live Up!! Home Decoration

Summer is here and as the heat glares down on us; Summer holidays can also help us to find new and different ways to rejuvenate our surroundings, making our home comfortable and pleasant for us to stay. There are some home decor tips which make our homes cooler and welcoming in the summers.

Summers also spells as holidays, Dreaming about tropical island escape, a safari through Africa or snowy peak across Europe... Bring your love of travel into your home.

Light Colors Are The Summer Style
We are all aware that summer is the other name of lighter shades and colors. It gives a cool feeling. So don't limit lighter shades to your wardrobe only but extend them to your home as well. Go for lighter shades in home decor like whites, ivories and pastels. Other color which represent summer the best are lime greens, light blues and soft yellows.

Repainting is not possible every season so wall paper is the solution or you can use these colors in bed-sheet fabrics and in basic accessories like sofa cover, cushions, table mats etc. Remember silk and synthetics are not made for the summers. Instead go for summer fabrics like cotton, linen or even jute. These fabrics make the living space airy and cooler.

Curtains and Windows
Sometimes curtains and windows can transform your home from a burning oven to a cool heaven. If you are going for blinds for your windows then go for bamboo materials. Heavy curtains will also do the trick. The aim is to keep the sun away from your home.

Plant those Plants
One of the easiest and most beautiful ways for summer home decor is going the natural way with plants. Add some indoor plants at the corners in your house to give a cool and pleasant look to your interiors. If there is a restriction of place then put those simple bamboo plants and see the difference in your interiors. Water bodies also create a pleasant ambiance in your home. Fill a brass pot with water and float some candles and flowers to complete the summer look…

Woody Furniture
The simple way of going about furniture is put some Bamboo or Cane chairs, just throw in some extra pillows and you have yourself a completely new look. They are very eco-friendly material and also well suited for seating in outdoor as well as indoor settings. If you are too fond of carpets then try to control yourself and keep them packed away for the winters. Bare floors are much better for summers.

Do Away with the Clutter
Unnecessary things and clutter make even the best of houses look a complete mess. Instead go for a simple and bare look. This is especially useful in summers as clear spaces allow the circulation of air around the house. So it is best to pack away all those extra wall hangings and decoration pieces.


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