Whoosh. The sound of a camera exhaling. "Click" In few snaps its ending up stealing a memory. Or saving it!! For Forever. Magical :)

Photography is the art of being invisible. When one silently rush into another's life - and seizes a moment (a moment of ecstasy; a second of agony). It is like being an artist who paints the canvas with crimson or lilac or rose pink or bottle green; or  black and white or murky grey. Photograph is this imagination of the clickers!

I am an inquisitive admirer of nature and travel in search of the scenic beauty in order to boost up the photographer in me. I dabble in a variety of subjects from art to wildlife, from cities to villages. I passionately chase these themes to capture the world from my eyes!

"A picture speaks a thousand words". Lets share some of my CLICKS!!


  1. Love all the clicks.. I wish to make a blog too for the photos tht i click. Good work.. keep it up!!!

  2. Mugdha , let me know next time when you are going out with camera.

  3. Very beautiful

    Himanshu Nagpal | Being Traveler


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