"Quit Coal, Save Forest: Greenpeace India"

This Blog Post is dedicated to Greenpeace India. This is such a small step I m taking to conserve our forest, I hope it will help! Thank you Ignatius Thekaekara for giving me all the information required!

Ecosystem disturbance is an event or series of events that is harmful for every single organisms and their habitat. Ecosystem disturbance caused due to mining is an inevitable fall out of industrialization and modern civilization. Forest Degradation is the biggest example of Ecosystem disturbance and is a matter of serious concern. Forest degradation, qualitative loss of species neglecting the natural resource is continue. Immediate action is needed for rehabilitation and intensive protection of natural forests.

(2nd image is today's reality)

Greenpeace India is organizing a campaign which create awareness about how coal mining in Central India destroys forests, endangered species and precious flora. It also causes severe other environmental damage like air and water pollution and increases carbon emissions. If we can control the mining, we can conserve vital resources 

The new website  http://www.junglistan.org/act?splash=1  created by Greenpeaceon 19th July 2012, asking people to sign a petition asking PM to stop coal mining in forest areas, has already got more than 35,000 signatures from web users.

Greenpeace India: Most of the forest areas slated for coal mining expansion in central India are habitat for tigers, leopards, and, in a few cases, elephants. Mining has already disrupted elephant and tiger corridors as well as habitats in Central India.

Is there any alternative: Yes there is,

1. Sustainable use of Coal Reserve
2. Renewable energy resources like Solar or Wind Power should use efficiently
3. Social Forestry is another positive step

Forest Policy says we should have at least (Minimum) 33% forest cover per total land area which is in present level is only 19.27% left (that too in gov. book actually it is less then 13%).

Mugdha Says: Sustainable development and public awareness are the only panacea to restore the beauty of nature and to steer clear of further deterioration of the environment. (Read the full paper at http://www.upsbdb.org/pdf/Souvenir2010/19.pdf)

This is a request: Please sign the petition and spread the words... We are dependent on our natural resources, DON'T LET IT DESTROY! "WITH GREENPEACE INDIA"



  1. I support green peace and always give my support signature/vote if they need for new cause. I did it again. thank you.

    1. This is a great organisation, and i sign for this great cause..

  2. Sweet and short and appropriate to today's condition...

  3. Today is Mother's Day... and the health of Mother Earth is at stake. Besides humans, it supports millions of other species. Yet it is finite, its resources are limited. It is not growing. Barely 12% of Earth is suitable for human habitat. And 7 billion of us occupy that. We are celebrating Mother’s day over the cost of exploiting our Mother Earth. This Celebration is only meaningful when we will bring the Mother Earth’s smile back...Let us make efforts to cover the planet Green and keep Clean all over...


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