Set the Mood For Autumn: Welcome Fall

First chill; Small days... breezy and less bright; Series of holidays are around the corner.. "Navratra about to end, Dussehera about to come.. some of us waiting for Halloween some for Deepawali and some for thanks giving!!"

Lets set the mood and exchange some ideas which make this season more magical :)

DECOR: Try making small changes in the decor of your house which will add liveliness in your house and also lift up your mood. Various home furnishing items that you would consider while changing the decoration of your room with this fall include curtains, cushions, bed sheets, sofa covers, wall patterns etc.

For this fall season, use colors such as golden, green and orange for Curtains/Cushion/Febrics. These are very bright colors and make your house look beautiful. Bright colors flowers in your drawing and dining room make the place vibrant. Keep your flower pot with full of red, yellow or pink color flowers. Use some floral patterns on your wall, these types of patterns are currently in trends and make your room look beautiful. One can also use various paintings instead of new wall patterns.

Add mood lighting: With the daylight hours turning shorter and shorter every day, it’s time to strategically place some nice ambient lighting around the house. Mood lighting is the easiest and most effective way to cast a certain warm, friendly tone in your home, whether it is for you alone/family or for guests.

Some autumn scents: For a nice, cozy autumn scent that fills your home, try an easy and natural home fragrance instead. Place a small saucepan on your stove with a cup of apple cider and a cup of water. Toss in a tablespoon of ground cinnamon and a few cloves, and bring this to a simmer on your stove. As it simmers, it will fill your home with a warm, spicy apple pie scent.

Decorate with natural accents: There are so many cool and interesting things you can find outdoors in the fall to decorate your home. Take a leisurely stroll around your block or in a local park to go for a little treasure hunt. A basket filled with twigs and firewood looks pretty near entryway or next to the fireplace. A vase can be piled high with branches of colorful leaves. There is much to explore :)


  1. hey Mugdha , beautiful post. am sure you are good home going to change my living room this time ..inspired ..:)

  2. Your home must be so beautiful!! Loved the post. and thanks for the tips


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