Traffic Police Corruption

It happens very often that you got caught by a traffic police man for no reasons, they check your licence, RC or any other document and even if you pour them with all the papers suddenly (according to them) you forgot one document and it would turn out to be disaster for you. They will impose you with all kinds of fines unless you give them a 100-200 rupee cash.

After robbing you like this (for no good reason) they have guts to say; "What to do, inflation is too high and we have many responsibilities at home. They even tell you that same activity is going on ahead.. just don't stop your car and other officers will know that we have already served."

The whole system is sick and traffic police may be the most!! These incidences are very common in our country and a shame for society. If you try to argue with the cop even if you are not at fault he will behave with you in the most uncivilized manner you could think. They don't left any choice. They don't even care if you are alone or with family, they don't respect your profession, they character thieves.

Unfortunately we can only write our frustrations in blogs and spread it on social networking sites in India. But we cant stop corruption anyway. Proud to be an INDIAN...


  1. yes i completely agree with your opinion, India is doomed unless the corruption, which deeply rooted in our bloods now, is erased from our system which again seems like expecting Mallika Sherawats of Bollywood to act!

  2. sad but true. I realized we deserve this. coz such thinking starts from home. I have seen many parents encourage their children to go for government job and even dont mind paying bribe and doing jugaad. they think they will earn back what they will invest. I completely agree with you that this department is most corrupt but i think we should fight.

  3. True, Everyone goes with same situation, someone needs to stand to the situation and need to revolt, i believe blogs and social media sites can make some difference apart from just using it for showing frustrations


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