Happy Earth Day

Celebrating earth day or wetland day, wildlife week or forest month is a way to respect mother nature. An opportunity to appreciate and generate awareness about the natural environment. Its not just about planting trees or using less energy on this particular day but it is about taking a pledge to Go Green for forever. HOW? Here's some ideas

Recycling: How about using 100% recycled paper or clothes or furniture. There is lot more in this category. Remember when we left some roties or vegetable in dinner, mom cooked delicious dishes out of it, RECYCLING.. whether small or big but take this step and feel green :)

Head outside: Whatever the weather, go for a walk outside to be amongst nature. Feel the sand or grass beneath your feet, the rain on your face or just take a moment to breathe the fresh air! Connect with Nature and feel the wonder :)

Start a tradition: Grab some friends or family and spend a few hours to conserve your near by nature.. if it is tough try to just clean the ambience of your neighbourhood and enjoy special Earth Day dinner (VEG) together. Take a step further and set example for others.

Friends of the Urban Forest: If you want your city to be green you have to start the process, plant some trees on the open area, put some pots in your own balcony, try to maintain a lawn or do a team work in your colony garden. The idea is you have to make some room for plants in your living zone, that will help you in future.. 

Eco-friendly fashions: Never heard of it? Well it's the easiest one, don't buy leather or fun or any kind of skin/feathers. If you stop buying they'll stop poaching. Fashion is what you wear or decorate it should not be set up on some poor dead animals. RETHINK

If you have any sense of wonder or faith in humanity, you would have to agree that Earth Day is an extraordinary event. This small step can help your planet, and further more it can help you in future. IF YOU WANT TO SEE YOUR FUTURE START ACTING NOW..


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