My 100th blog post

Well it is official... this is my 100th blog post... :) Since I started this blog I have gained so many new friends and acquaintances. It has been a wild ride and so much fun! Reaching a milestone in anything is exciting. Reaching 100 blog posts is powerful and I’m glad I started it on the first place..

What This Blog Means To Me

This blog is my life on the Internet. I always eager to share my good/bad moments with people and my blog gave me that liberty. I have discussed success, failures, moments of weakness, and even stories of my never ending journey. The original name of this blog was I had originally decided to put some fun stuff on my blog but I quickly moved on to a personally branded site with my own name because I couldn't picture myself sticking with one topic for too long. This blog is an opportunity for me to discuss many areas of interest and to share all my life’s most amazing lessons learned.

A Big Thank You To My Readers

THANK YOU very much for being a part of this blog! I am so thankful you are here and I look forward to connecting with you beyond the blog in the months or years to come. Tell me in future what you want to read and make this relation more sweet..

Top 7 Posts

Writing Posts

As a writer, I always want every post to be the most popular. I always hope my readers (you) will care about everything. Realistically, that never happen. I write on a variety of topics and not every post will make a deep connection with every reader. The worst posts are a strong indication that I either wrote on a topic no one likes, or that the title was poorly written to attract clicks. It’s all a journey and I certainly appreciate every bit of reader feedback I can get. It’s your input that boost me.

Where To From Here?

I have no intention of shutting down this site – ever. I want it to grow, grow, and grow some more. Thank you once again for staying connected with me. Please leave a comment below and let me know which post on my site is your absolute favorite.


  1. I like the post "Parents" so very much :)

  2. My favorite is India: the Land of Feast and Festivals

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