Mugdha Says is 2 Years Old

Hi friends, I m here to celebrate my 2nd Anniversary of blog writing. I m not a professional write although I wanna be, I m just armature and tend to share all my experience whether they are related with travel, nature or food.. One can occasionally find some random post too, as this become my platform to share stuff with people I love and adore,three cheers goes to all the readers and frequent visitors of my blog.. :) A big thank to all for suggestions and even for complaints :)

A lot changed in past one year.. to know the story read Mugdha Says is 1 Year Old first then catch-up here..

Things I have mention in that post is in second phase now..

1) PhD writing was started about 2 month ago and by August 2013 I m planning to submit it! Yay!

2) A travel is due: Yeah I want to have a long-long vacation and want to explore India more closely before stuck into any job.. Possible travelling zones will be East and South India (Share your favorite place, I may visit your suggested place).

3) Learning phase is still on: I want to learn more, anything and everything, I still have few dreams to fulfill (will discuss more in coming post)

4) More Write-ups: Yes!! One blog can't give you all the satisfaction, so here is the list of other pages/blogs where you can read me more;

Ecoblogs : For more scientific, environmental related writings, In their own words: "Its a community of academic scholars, conservation professionals, wildlife biologists, resource managers, NGO leaders and policy makers from an international arena dedicated to promote wise use of natural resources through public outreach conservation education program". 

Yes I m one of the columnist there, feels really good to be a part of such Masterminds!

Mugdha's Musings: Beware its not a typical "articles for all" blog, its more for girls less for others lol!! Yeah this is a blog which I m going to update more often not with teachings and preaching but it will have articles about the little stuff for which we (girls) care (you know the make-up and fashion stuff and more)

well "Mugdha's Musings" is more inclined towards my routine, the way I look this 'pink' world; why home decor is important, what is the new trend in clothes etc. I m giving a shout here for my new blog hope everyone visit and adore it the same way you all did for "Mugdha Says" :) 

5) Still a kid from heart: Yes that's me 25 years old yet 2.5 years old from heart.. I planned a grand birthday party this year but somehow things didn't work out so I m planning a grand party for my next birthday, in January 2014.. and I m committing in July 2013 so I can have maximum time for preparations :) And its an saying 'once you wrote something, you find a way to do it'!! 


  1. congrats! wishing you many more feats.

  2. Nice effort.. Congratulations



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