Rains and Me

After the hot and scorching summer, the monsoon brings a sigh of relief to each and everybody. Now that monsoon has started and every day we enjoy sudden spells of rain. The downpour quenches the thirst of the parching earth. With the onset of the season, both plants and animals, withered by the tremendous heat, enliven and come back to their full life. The sapless, pale-looking, dust-smitten trees regain their green and healthy look.

A day, especially if it is a holiday, and you have no work to do, is an ideal day to spend it with taking a short afternoon nap under your blanket. The charm of such a cloudy day will remain unappreciated if I forget to mention an evening hot tea or coffee with some spicy fritters or a crumb of hot cake.

I decided to go out and search for something new, so give it a chance. I talk to my family and we pack some food, water and other stuff and went to nearby sanctuary.. Its heavenly, with green trees, birds chirping, small animals like squirrel and rabbits and foxes... yeah you read it right, we do saw few foxes after all it's a sanctuary (protected land for animals)... all in all trekking is an exciting activity that gets us closer to nature. 

When we talk of monsoon the first thing comes in my mind is music. The pitter patter sound of the rain droplets on the window pane, the whooshy wind and all those classic songs based on rain, makes us to dance and sing. When rain started I forget everything and I mean everything.. I put my audio player out load and wander in balcony.. pure bliss..

I m enjoying rains.. be it drizzling or heavy shower.. there is a glory about this season which inspire me a lot :)


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