Catch Up Post!!

Hi to all my lovely readers.. 

It's been quite a while since I wrote something!! To be exact I m back after a month, and only God knows how much I missed this! So much happened during the time but lets start with a good note. So we have relatively less winter as compare to last year or maybe because I spent most of the time away from this winter wonderland! Whatever the reason is; Its not too cold and we have few rainy days but the season is still bearable and I had amazing start of the year!!

Well I want to share lots of things, my birthday, festive season, bird watching and nature walks, eco awareness program, bad health (yeah its part of life); Totally roller coaster kind of situation.. 

Birthday: It went well, all day home, no work, no appointments nothing, classy food, long talks with friends and to my surprize I got wishes from all of the places. I know I was not able to do what I planned earlier, to have a grand party.. and I did quite opposite.. but all well that ends well!!

Recent Purchases and Season festivity: I m going to do this post separately but just to make a note did hell lot of shopping.. all in good times!! I was not able to enjoy this season as most of the time I was sick (I don't know how it happened) but I tried to keep my spirits high! Made new dishes, done some craftings etc. etc.

Nature and me: I went out for couple of times only but for that also I need a different post! It was awesome, birds and lakes and hilly areas totally wow!! 

This post is just to catch up with you all, hope you all doing good :) 

Thanks for Reading



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