Trip to Chambal Sanctuary

It was hot when i first visited National Chambal Sanctuary.. flooded river and i can't even see a pigeon there let aside birds and well known Gharials. I immediately know that i choose not only the wrong day but wrong season to visit the adobe of birds! Well after few weeks I went there again and hired a guide and a boat. Saw few Gharials, a Muggar from far away, two Gangetic Dolphins and about 70 species of birds.. You know, its not only the wildlife that attracts me but the story of the river which my guide told me..

A little background:
Ancient Indian texts refer to the Chambal as the "Charmanyavati". The origin of the River is said to be from the blood of thousands of cows sacrificed by the Aryan King Rantideva. The ‘unholy’ origin helped the Chambal to survive and thrive untouched and unpolluted, and it remains one of India’s most pristine rivers.

National Chambal Sanctuary, also called the National Chambal Gharial Wildlife Sanctuary, is a protected area in Northern India along roughly 400+ Kms of the Chambal River and specialized for sighting of the critically endangered Gharials (small crocodiles), the red-crowned roof turtle, the endangered Gangetic River Dolphin and Indian Skimmer. Chambal supports the largest population of Gharials in the wild. The National Chambal Sanctuary is one of the few places to spot the Gangetic Dolphins. In fact, it is one of the last surviving habitats for it!

Gharial crocodile is critically endangered, Gangetic Dolphins are endangered, and Muggar crocodile is threatened! The river is also home for variety of birds! The two and half hours of boating from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm gave me the sight of a several Birds- Skimmers, Lapwings, Terns, Bar headed Geese, Ruddy Shelduck, Comb Duck, Black Winged Stilts, herons and more! 

The ride over the Chambal river was good. Amazing nature :) The landscape is very unique. Mid afternoon wasn't great for any photography and also crocs were a bit far away. The dolphins swam away pretty fast. After river ride I visited the Deori Crocodile Center which is the safest breeding centers for gharials, muggars and turtles. It was a great experience to see those infant crocs and turtles of different ages.  Really a fantastic place and very friendly staff.

Trip was good!! Safari is more wonderful than I have imagined it. Want to visit again, and again, and again!!

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  1. I enjoyed your short travelogue. Thanks for including me in the net work.

  2. Yes, Mugdha, we have also passed through Chambal during out Delhi-Bangaloe driving motor trip. I could appreciate your blog.Thanks for including me in your network. I shall reciprocate it.


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