A war between ecologist and economist is not a new topic. People spend their money to purchase cars and air conditioners, talk about celebrities and new movies, chat about others affairs but when it comes to environment they skip the route. Since few days NGOs are in news for their role of "A Threat To Economic Development". If you support Animal treading, deep water boring, throwing garbage in rivers and stuff like that, please stop reading immediately. I'm here to talk about NGOs (In their favor)! 

NGOs (Non government organizations) are part of our system (I should say broken one as conditions are worst these days). They play a vital role in helping people in a variety of ways. Not only by looking after the helpless, distressed and deprive people, but also contribute to maintain green societies in India. In order to preserve and enhance greenery, local as well as International NGOs are working by distributing plants/seeds to common people, maintaining green covers, cleaning rivers, saving wildlife and what not.

Few days ago I had a chat with one of my friend from West Bengal, what she admits that temperature is quite high in that area as compare to other parts of India. The reason of the temp. rise is due to mining. We can adjust with temperature rising issue; if we have lots of coal to produce electricity which help running air conditioners, irony it is.

Increasing the green cover in urban areas is getting less and less priority as trees become the first casualties of road-widening and other urban development projects. But this ignorance of the importance of trees is not just amongst civic authorities but equally amongst citizens also. The problem is people avoid the most important thing which is the reason life is not able to grow on other planets that is Oxygen! NGOs (if not all) are helping to keep the balance between fresh air and pollution. I m not against development or electricity but keeping focus on Solar energy is more convenient way. 

Public if can't afford solar panels can help in growing green belt around home and city periphery! That's what NGOs are doing at larger scale. If people talk about funding, I saw NGOs with funds but it is quite less as compare to the scams happening around us. Consider this post as a support. Will do a sequel with more documentations. Before going against all the NGOs consider their work and efforts!

Forest cover is reducing and rivers are turning into garbage flow. Period! Please support those who are working for environment! Help Environment! Help your self! 


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