3rd YEAR ANNIVERSARY of "Mugdha Says"

3 years; from last 3 years I have been decorating this blog with several colors. My readers received Political posts, relationship posts, fitness post, food posts, travel posts and what not on this blog! In all my endeavours I got tremendous support of my readers.. sometimes I left (by chance of course) typos and grammar incorrect, thank you all for never mentioning it :)

I cherish the moment when someone recognise me for my blog post and say it out loud in public.. that moment brings such a sweet pride that I can't scribe in words! Although I love all my posts but I have a special place in my heart for these anniversary posts! To check my previous work, to know how much I grew along with my blog, the idea gives me so much writer's satisfaction.

If I ever write a book on my life (openly-hidden plan), in that book I probably share the drafts of my posts which I started writing but some how drop the idea soon. Those posts were so close to me that I didn't dare to share with all.. being a writer one thing is God gifted that we can write about our problems, passion and happiness and keep it safe in a shelf or these days in a laptop.. :) 

While writing this post, I'm reading my older posts and living in a magical time.. in this post I want to thank BLOGGER.COM for giving me a platform to share my dreams and thoughts. I joined Twitter and BLOGGER.COM almost at the same time (June and July 2011) and since then trying to make a stable place for myself in this "forever changing" world!

Will continue my journey like this :) with the support of my family, friends, followers and all the loved ones :) God bless you all! 

Thank you for reading


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