Kashmir: A solution with negotiation

"As a first step to begin peace I appeal to the government of India and Pakistan that its forces from Kashmir (as a practical way) should called back."

Now after reading my first sentence many of you started judging me and thinking sentences for striking me down. First of all I want to disclaim that all the thoughts are personal and I came to this solution after talking to few people who know how to respect Humanity. I am in favor of freedom of Kashmiris, why because everyone have a birth right to be FREE at least in India. I understand that governments of both nation Pak and India do not want any kind of isolation. This post might help you to think for a different solution. 

Solution talk: Killing innocent people, be it Muslim or Kashmiri Pandits is not good for India or Pakistan. When we sit in our drawing room after dinner that time we can't imagine that a family in Kashmir going to sleep hungry because of 3 days curfew. Or how would you feel that whenever you go out to buy vegetable few army officer keep an eye on you from one corner to another. Worst tell me your feeling when you sleep in night and next day you see your neighbour's house is burning on the basis of suspicion.

Security is necessary, everyone needs to protect their house and city and country but how can a Kashmiri trust an army person if they hurt (hurt is rather a miniscule term, people reported army killed and raped too) them rather protecting them? I have a facebook account which is open to all, people can comment there and few nasty people come to my wall just to say Muslims are terrorist! They say all the Muslims are terrorists, and with this attitude you want to grab a portion of Kashmir where Muslim population is more than 70%. 

A fellow Kashmiri told me we have no problem to stay friends with Indian Muslims/Sikh/Christians as they don't mock us but we can't stay friends with Hindus. Controlling someone and making them slave is not 20s philosophy, people might use it in 13 or 14 centuries, now things are different. 

Irony is everyone support that Kashmir should remain as a part of India but when a Kashmiri come to Delhi, people see them with suspicion. The truth is you can't control people, you can only win their heart! Once Prashan Bhushan Ji (AAM AADMI PARTY) gave a solution for referendum, I think its a brilliant idea, asking people what they want, negotiate with them, giving them proper respect; Yes proper respect which they deserve even though they want to live with or without Indian tag! Make them realise that we want all good for Kashmiris and we consider them as brothers and sisters not like an alien. But still if they don't want to be with us (I know its gonna hurt few people) I support their FREEDOM demand too. 

Its high time that we should talk for peace! Thank you so much for reading, if you liked it I m very much grateful, if you don't I can understand! 


PS: On a lighter note; Kashmir is still a part of India, all the corruption there (just like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, AP, MP) is the proof... :)


  1. Dear ma'am you might think that your views are very rational and are going to change the world but i must tell you that i think they are totally illogical.But never mind we live in a free country and i don't have any right to stop you from speaking well that's a freedom that "Peace Loving" Countries don't give you. Your views on Kashmir are very disheartening and i'm very disappointed that a fellow Indian(Hindu or Muslim) keeps such a view over it.
    Kashmir is a very sensitive issue and should be dealt with such sensitivity. Passing berserk doesn't make you an intellectual. Only debating constructive ideas does. I can assure you on behalf of all Indians( and i'm only talking about nationalists) that Kashmir is an integral part of India and will always be. Till the last drop of Blood is left in my body or in those of others, we will not let Kashmir slip into the hands of Pak funded Separatist Terrorists (likes of Geelani). The limited knowledge you have of Kashmir is that you've collected by talking to separatist youths of Kashmir which have been misguided. Jammu and Kashmir is a very big state...its has 3 parts i.e. Jammu Kashmir and Laddakh. 70 % population of Jammu is Hindus, Sikhs, Christians,Buddhists, 55% of Ladakhis are Buddhists and they in no case want to cede from India.Only the people from the valley where 95% are Muslims want separation.That too not all of them. So a referendum will represent the will of the people is highly unlikely. Besides Kashmir is a highly important strategic position we can not just give away states the permission to cede. If Kashmir cedes then other states will also demand this and India will be broken. If you're Indian you'll not want that i'm sure. I am a Kashmiri Pandit myself, my Mother and Father have seen blood bathe of Hindus, Rapes, Abuses, Intimidation and what not. Not to mention it was done by the peaceful innocent people of the Valley from the religion of peace who were instigated by another very peaceful country i.e. Pakistan. I may add that most of the separatists in Kashmir are Paki migrants who are here due to the evil Article 370. They have been infiltrating and settling in Kashmir since 1947 so their will doesn't really matter.

    You should be proud to be born in India because India is a great country which accommodates everyone with open arms. We are tolerant, liberal, secular and that is why we have not crushed the separatists by army tanks likee China did in Hong Kong or Pakistan did in Balochistan. And if you are indeed proud to be Indian you should stand by the will, aspirations and national interests of your fellow Indians. :)


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