Blogging :: After Two Months

Staying away from my blog is one that I regretted the most in past two months! But here I am back with lots of new posts! These past two months were passed like a picture.. Eid, Friendship day, Rakshabandhan, Independence day, Teej and Ganapati and Durga Puja.. Dussehra and finally another Eid... 

In last two months I have witnessed the festivity to the core... each day I explored new colors and culture of India.. collected so many pictures and memories which I can't explained in one post! 

In these two months I also wrote about wildlife and nature and after dedicating my two months for the article writing, I m back here to be a full time blogger :) But before any further update, I m taking a pledge that I will write at least one blog per week and I'll try to stay connected with my lovely readers..

UPDATE 1: Working in Hindustan times ... yay!! It was a fun filled run so far and I m so much looking forward for more to explore in the field of journalism.. here's few articles of my beat (wildlife articles) and one is teacher's day special!

UPDATE 2: I met this daring girl, did a interview with her and all I can say is... she is wonderful.. I am sharing my picture with Esha: 'The Lone Gal Traveller' (Her Page Name on FB). She was in Agra when I met her during her all-India tour on her bik. Her motto of this ride is to tell the world that India is safe! She is a living inspiration.. looking forward to meet people like 'ESHA GUPTA' :) 

UPDATE 3: My update on FB page: "Everyone has the right to fight for their nation! And ‪#‎IndoPaki‬ people do fight with each other, via border, via cricket, via social networking site etc. In the fights of India vs Pakistan; Kashmir matter raised many times but at the end only Kashmir and Kashmiris suffer! I love all the brothers and sisters from Pakistan and they have the same love for me if not more :) Can't we just stop our quarrelsome behaviour and start respecting each other?" 

UPDATE 4: Received this awesome image.. I know many already seen this one.. but how many of us actually care about it? Please don't make this planet sick... do share, make aware!!

UPDATE 5: SHOPPING :) Yesss lot and lots of shopping in last two months.. clothes and cosmetics and decor items and what not! Will update in a next post! :) #GoodTimes :) 

So that's all for now :) Will catch up soon!

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