October Chill and Shopping Haul

Its autumn here and every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering with air... The trees turn golden-brown hues and there is a pleasant chill in the ambience.  With the breezy mornings and hazy days its almost time to welcome winter. Preparing myself for winter 2 days ago I decided to do a mini haul just for the products I really needed! So here is a list.. let me know if you like them...

Those who think only Sephora or Biotique can give the ultimate bathing range.. they are wrong.. Here I'm sharing my experience of Palmolive shower gel and the range is awe---some! 

Palmolive Ayurituel (Joyous) and Palmolive Aroma (Absolute Relax) both products are great! The entire bathing range comes in a perfect cost starting from 125-200 only and you are gonna love the fragrances! Palmolive Ayurituel Joyous is actually inspired by the world of ancient Indian Ayurvedic traditions. Enriched with blend of lotus flower extract it will give your the best experience! Palmolive Aroma AR gives you a soothing aroma, its formula with Ylang Ylang essential oil and extract of Iris can make it special for anyone :)

After body its about face, The O3+ Derma Fresh Mask. You can get the product in 300 rupees or so! The mask claims to be Skin tightening & Brightening. I can say it certainly calm and refresh the skin... brightening part is ok may be due to I used a scrub first and tightening part yet to see. All in all if you ask me, do purchase the item if you are a working woman, it will give you a mini cleaning effect at home :) 

Another product for face is the clean & clear morning energy face wash and what I like about this product that it is utterly refreshing and so fruity. This range of Clean & Clear face washes is available in 3 variants: Strawberry, Lemon or Apple. I had used Lemon first and now I m using Apple one and I really enjoyed the range so far :)

And now hair, I'm going to suggest this Matrix Biolage Smoothing Hair Serum for those who rarely use hair oil but use hair dryers or heat styling. What I like about this serum is, it leaves my hair with zero frizz and just a small amount of serum is required. I also want to add a point that it is lightweight and gives a glossy sheen to the hair without weighing the hair down. Do try and let me know the experience! 

Now I want to share about two gifted things... I got these awesome stereo headphones (Sony) from my brother! The sound automatically become crystal clear and I would recommend these headphones to those who love to listen music in its original form! Go for the MDR-E9A model, its great! 

Last item: Dad gifted me this LG G3 Stylus this week as part of Diwali gift! Nice phone, will update more about its features and everything in next post! (One thing to say, great camera function!)

So that's all for now, will update more!

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