Happy New Year :) Enjoy '2015'

Happy New Year to all my lovely readers :) Thank you for your comments, suggestions, post demands... each 'like and share' matters to me!  After all the fun in '14, I am ready for to have a jumpy start of 2015.

Around 15 years back we were shouting about new millennium and 3 years (Dec 2012) back we are ready face the reality of Mayan Calendar. Well I am not going to bore you guys, all the newspapers and tv channels already showcasing, how much we had suffered, in past..

So let's talk about present.. (not future).  The weather is terrible here, too much cold me for me... I m planning to work half-day on New Year and as soon as I left the office I'll picked up our favorite food and gonna enjoy with family.

I like this family tradition to stick with each other on special days.. hanging around with friends is good but on an ordinary day... New Years, Birthdays and Festivals seems far more cozy when celebrated with family!!

Here is an image, how I celebrated my first morning of 2015 with my family, looking at the birds, greenery, clear water and wandering around nature.. 

Here is my look for today..

Have a nice, peaceful and gorgeous 2015 ahead :)

Thanks for reading :)



  1. Happy New Year :)
    Do visit my blog once in a while as my resolution for the year 2015 is to update my blog regularly.

    Village Girl


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