New Year Confessions :)

Hi :) to all... New year is still happy and to make it happier I have pledge to take care of myself.. why myself?? Because in the usual running ahead of time activity we are ignoring our selves. The New Year is as good of a time as ever to confess that I haven't treated myself as special as I use to do about a year ago.

For the starters, I completely lacking in my skincare routine, keeping it as low-key as, three-product routine face wash, moisturizer and acne cream (when needed) that anything more than that felt like a lot of work.

I used to use exfoliators, toners, creams, eye creams, a scrub pack, mask etc as per needed. I liked taking care of my skin but with PhD thesis submission, new job's routine, late bedtimes and a busy family life made it all too convenient to be lazy with my skincare routine. Today after nearly two years of having the laziest skincare routine in all, I decided it was time to start incorporate some products back into my routine.

Second concern goes to my reading habit. Whatever happen to my ready to read anything and everything behavior. If you know me personally, you'll understand how hard it is for me to stay away from books. I literally have a little library in my room, but I am not able to add anything good in my shelve since past one year. 

I badly need some suggestions. Any good book, interesting novel, rich text poetry, anything will do. I need to pick up my reading glasses again, and be ready to dive in the world of fictional characters.

Adding fruits in my regular diet is one thing that I need to remind myself every now and then. Why I can't eat at least one fruit everyday, is it so hard? Well yes, least for me! But that doesn't mean that I gave up.. not this time..  

Tell me those habits which you wanna change or wants to resurface... confessions are good, if they lead you towards something positive :) Thanks for reading :)



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  2. A perfect one. First time I heard about such a new year confessions. Thank u for sharing your thought.


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