Eid Mubarak to all

Muslims around the world gets ready to celebrate Eid al-Fitr on Friday (July 17) or Saturday (July 18), depends up on the moon! I am remembering some of the blessed and fun moments of Eid which I celebrated with my friends and extended family members. 

I remember my last year's Eid vividly, when I got my Eidi from my best-friend's mom and the feast prepared by them especially for the festival of Eid. My personal favorite was Sheer Khurma: Vermicelli Pudding, along with so many Mevas - nuts and dry fruits...

Growing up in India gives us lots of opportunities to celebrate a vast range of holidays. These celebrations made my childhood very rich and fulfilling. I feel extremely fortunate to have friends from different cultures and faiths. Festivals are wonderful traditions; they remind us to take time out from our day to day hectic life and focus on lighter issues, which makes everyone happy.

With Eid al Fitr people observed the end of Ramadan: the holy month of dawn to sunset fasting (SAWM/Roza). Ramadan celebrated with night long prayers and spiritual awakening. Charity is must during Ramadan and on/before Eid. Muslim families donate food items/equal amount to the poor so everyone can enjoy the holiday meal. This donation is known as SADAQAH AL FITR/ZAKAT AL FITR: (charity of fast breaking).

The wonderful tradition of charity is universal in every faith and during every major festival, be it Diwali, Baisakhi, Hanukkah, Christmas or Eid. My parents taught my brother and I that if you are blessed with abundance it's your obligation; rather it's your privilege to share your abundance with those less fortunate. 

Now something about Eid: - Eid is the first day of SHAWWAL, next month after RAMADAN. It is based on the observation of new Moon on the last day of holy month of Ramadan. The day of Eid begins with people gathering early in the morning in the mosques to perform Eid prayers. Gift and sweets are exchanged on the occasion to mark the festival. Homes, buildings and streets are decorated with lights and flowers. Children enjoy Eidi-gifts, money and new clothes given by elder. And the delicious Eid Pakwan... A variety of food is made just for the Eid celebration and people eat together with their family and friends!

The best part of Eid is not the food but how people hug each other and wish each other. Also how it is mandatory for fortunate to donate, so everyone can celebrate the festival together... Eid Mubarak everyone! Stay blessed and remember to keep me in your prayers...



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