Entered in 4th year (Blog Anniversary)

Happy 4th year to me and to all my readers :) 

The moment when a child took his/her first step is marvelous for the parents but when the same child began to run around then the happiness not only doubled but parents started feeling proud about it.

The same thing happened to me when someone reminded me, wow your blog is four years old (and it's running around :) quite nicely).. It was a great journey for me! I picked up few questions/comments from random posts and tried my best to reply.. Here it is guys, have fun...

1) Define your blogging experience...

"Time flies when you take your blogging seriously. Sharing stuff—and getting advices—The relationship between a writer and a reader, is awesome... It's been inspirational for me and always gave me a kick start in otherwise monotonous life events..."

2) What you like the most, blogging or news writing

"News writing is what I do for earning, blogging is what my heart admire the most.."

3) No more tourism posts?

"Taking a time out from my studies was rather easy than from the job. Will write more whenever I'll visit any exciting place..."

4) Impact of social media on Blogging

"It is true that people don't really have time for blogging and on top of that they don't have time for reading... but these questions show that people read my blog, they leave lovely comments and that's enough for me..."

5) Blog Success 

"People asked me frequently if my venture is successful! What is success really? many visitors? Popularity? getting rich? As soon as I think that I'm getting 'there', there always something happened to remind me that I still need to write more..., so I m not sure about success-but- I'm not 'ful' yet!"

My enthusiasm for this medium is increasing day by day, cause I can write more than 140 words here, not everyone looking forward for a picture gallery here... it is a way to connect and learn from strangers. Thanks to all of you for visiting—I am grateful every single day for your company.

Thanks you again for reading Mugdha Says... and a small request: If you've never before commented, I'd love for you to say hi... :)



  1. A very happy 4th blog anniversary, Mugdha. Loved your answers :)

  2. Congratulations and best wishes for future anniversaries.
    Most of blogs die within first year, running a blog for 4 years is commendable that too along with job.

  3. Congratulations on completing 4 years with your blog. :)

  4. Congrats Mugdha Di..Its always been a pleasure reading ur posts.!: )

  5. Congratulations for being 4 years in Blogging..


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