Diwali 2015 - Decoration Ideas

Hope you guys had a great and prosperous dhanteras. I am back with the Diwali 2015 series. All the posts are under #MSaysHappyDiwali series :) Will also share the item that are I am giving away. So keep reading!

Since Dussehra I was planning to decorate my home for Diwali. But while being busy with other jobs it is hard to take time for making unique items for the decor. Still I manage to made some DIY crafts apart from the regular customary decoration of paint on the wall and lights on the terrace.

Diwali is all about decoration then let’s do something different than others...

FLOUR DIYA: Instead of the usual plain brown ones or even the painted ones, you can make diyas of your choice by rolling out the dough and shaping it however you want. You can paint them or add glitter to create something different.

LAMP OUT OF PAPER CUPS: This DIY projects is quite simple. Be creative with old paper cups. Paint them and cut them out into floral shapes. Make a slit on the sides of cups so that you can insert bulb in the cup.

Now for making a vine of cups. Make holes at the bottom of the cups and use a rope that can be stuck the cups together. Tie the cup vine along with the light bulb vine and try to insert the light bulbs through the tiny slits. That way when you lit the vine, the cups would add more dimension to it. 

BOUQUET OF LIGHT: For the bouquet of light, you only need a vine of light bulb that already comes in with plastic floral leaves. Use the wire part to make the stem and use the bulb portion of the garland light chain in such a way that it form a bouquet. Place it in a vase to give an extra touch.

DIWALI TORAN: Hanging a toran outside the house is auspicious as well as decorative. Use different craft papers, beads, sequences or glitter to make colorful torans. You can make as long or as short as you want to match all the windows, doors, gates or balconies.

SEA SHELL CANDLES: If you love beaches or seas as much as I do, do try the sea shell candles decoration. Use any type of shell you like, color candle wax and a cotton wick. You need to melt the wax for that use any pan which is discarded from the kitchen. Place the cotton wick in the middle of the shell, if it is not in the middle then its ok, its just a home DIY project, important thing is, have fun.

Then pour the melted wax in the shells and let it dry for a while. Cut the extra wick and you are done. You can buy shells, wick and wax from any nearby stationary. You may also use fruit peels of orange or pineapple to have a beautiful candle.

POTPOURRI: Place bowls filled with potpourri all over the house to have it smell divine. They are readily available in many shops or can be created at home. I have saante's orange essential oil so I thought to make a potpourri which matches the scent.

I've always liked orange peel. I've keep it stored for making various items. So I tossed some of the peel in the bowl, freshly chopped apple, added few cloves, some lemon leaves, couple of cinnamon sticks and few drops of sweet orange oil (essential oil of orange). That't it. My home was started smelling fresh. 

But if you are not a fan of citrus fragrance, buy a bag of dried lavender or rose petals  and use these two essential oils for the floral potpourri, nuts can be used as well.. :) 

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Thanks for reading :) And do share your decoration ideas with me, with the hashtag, #MSaysHappyDiwali :) 



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