Matka - natural water cooler

The earthen pot or ‘Matka’ has been a center of kitchen from generations. These traditional pots were used for the water storage in houses, community centers and even on roads where people can stop and drink the water.

Water taken out from ‘Matka’ or ‘Surahi’ is not only refreshing but also health beneficial. It is ideal for drinking and pH balanced. Though health experts advice to take certain precautions yet they suggests that people must drink water from earthen pots and should avoid water from fridge or water coolers, especially after entering in the house from the direct sun light.

Water in the earthen pots remain on a balanced temperature about 12 to 15 degrees Celsius because of the tiny pores that is the natural quality of clay. Apart from refreshing flavor the temperature of the water is also ideal for health. It is not that warm and not too chilled which provide ease to the throat and guts.

Water from ‘Matka’ could be healthy as it provides necessary minerals to the body. Sand or clays are natural purifiers; these two elements soak the impurities and make the water uncontaminated. But before storing water in ‘Matka’, one should boil and filter the water first.

Sometimes we are not sure that tap water is coming from the right source or not. If we are bucketing chlorinated water in earthen pots than it could get chemically charged while being in contact with clay.

Another benefit of clay water pots is its alkalinity. If there is any sort of acidity remains in water due to contaminated water source that ‘Matka’ makes the water properly pH balance, which is good for health.

So this summer be cook with Matka Water :) 

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