Review of Bioderma Photoderm SPOT SPF 50+

Hi guys today I am reviewing Bioderma Photoderm SPOT SPF 50+ (a SUNSCREEN Lotion). I am reviewing the product after using it for a while and the review is personal, how it affected my skin and may vary for another skin type.

I got a sample size product in one of the beauty subscription boxes and I thought lets give it a try. So here's the review! 

Normally I cannot stand the feel of sunscreen on my face, but this product was so tiny in the size, I thought it would be cute to carry it during office hours. Now my job is kind of uneasy as most of the time we need to remain out in the sun. 

I used this product on the trial base, in the month of March. It feels bearable that time. The place where I live has this extreme weather conditions. In March the weather was fine and the products works well. 

I kept using it every now and than but in past one week when the sun was hot and unbearable, this product not only works but works so well. Before sharing my own review, lets read what Bioderma has to say about it...

The maximum anti-UVB efficacy and unmatched "extreme anti-UVA" performance of Photoderm SPOT safely protect against sunburn, prevent sun intolerance reactions and combat premature cutaneous ageing.

The melting texture of Photoderm SPOT leaves the skin feeling comfortable and extremely soft. Perfectly colourless when applied, Photoderm SPOT spreads very easily, leaving no oily film or white marks. Photoderm SPOT is fragrance-free and is water resistant.

Above text is available on their website and other review sites.

My review: 

~ Full size product would cost you around 1400 rupees which made it less accessible to the mass. 

~ It fulfills the cost because it is expensive but GOOD! 

~ I have oily skin but it does not made it greasy or sticky

~ It do make an outer cover which I think all the sunscreen should do so that our skin could remain protected

~ It gives my face a little sheen but not too odd

~ Texture looks creme but sets very well

~ Packaging says paraben free and fragrance free which is good but I do able to feel a little fragrance just a bit of hint

~ Last longer than other sunscreens. On my skin it lasted for about 6-7 hours (in roasting hot sunny days)

~ I will buy it again. It worked great!

~ I recommend to those who are willing to spend a handsome amount

~ I am not sure about dark spot removal, although I did feel that it covers the spots. I'll update the post if I am wrong about it. 

~ It's not for moisturizing!

I hope you all liked the review. Soon I'll come back with more reviews. Thank you for reading! 



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